Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Birthday Celebration

It was before 7am when Charlotte woke on her birthday. I knew she'd be up early, excited to see what presents she had to open. Whilst Zachary is quite laid back about birthdays and Christmas, Charlotte loves receiving presents, which is a bit like how I was as a child. I still love getting presents!

We decided that we weren't going to go over the top for her birthday this year. A big gift and a few small things would be enough and we asked family and friends to give her money if they wanted to get her anything as that way, she could put it towards something she really wanted. She had, in fact, already seen something she really wanted; a horse from Build-a-Bear.

After opening her presents and having breakfast, we got ready to head to the shops. We picked up some bits for the week, came home and had lunch, and then headed over to her best friend's house to pick her up for a sleepover. Her best friend just got the cutest little puppy on Friday night. He's a shih tzu, and so fluffy and adorable, I could have taken him home too. Charlotte really liked him and told me she was going to ask her Dad if she could have one.

He said no.

Family and friends began to arrive just after 2pm. We didn't have a big party with loads of people there, like we have done for previous birthdays; we kept it really low key and simple. I didn't even bother putting food on. We just had some teas and coffees and cake.

Her cake was beautiful. I asked the cake decorator to make something with horses and in the colours pink, purple and teal. She did an amazing job and Charlotte was blown away by it. It was really tasty too!

Charlotte wanted to have Chinese food for dinner so we ordered a takeaway. The kids played outside pretty much all afternoon because, apart from a grey start to the morning, it turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day. It was roasting.

At 7pm, the girls got into their PJs and cuddled up on Charlotte's bed to watch The Good Dinosaur. They had some popcorn and sweeties and snuggled with their special teddies. They were so cute to watch!

Of course, they didn't fall asleep until almost 10pm! I wasn't surprised because, despite it being a pretty ordinary day, it's a pretty extraordinary day when you turn a year older.

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