Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Simple Hotel Room Break

In the midst of all the chaos in our house, with bathroom suites being ripped out, walls torn down and mess everywhere, we were so thankful of the opportunity to escape to a little hotel room nearby.

Our insurance company booked a family room for us at a local hotel and included a full breakfast because we would be without washing facilities. I mean, we do have a large kitchen sink so it's not like we haven't been able to keep clean but for hair washing, it has been handy to have the showering facilities as and when we wanted to use them.

My Stepdad came to stay with us a few weekends ago and they even got him a room for himself which was great. We decided to pack up a few bits and head over to the hotel to spend the night. It meant we would be able to have a nice breakfast cooked for us in the morning too and my Stepdad wouldn't have to sleep on the airbed!

The kids were super excited to be going to stay somewhere other than their own beds for the night. Husband and I...not so much. We love our own bed at home. For starters it's a super king size so we have so much space. However I was excited to soak in a bath and to see my Stepdad.

The kids had their own single beds and, as soon as they walked in to the room, ran over to make their claim! They wanted to get changed into their jammies as quickly as possible but we decided to give them a bath first.

Once they were all clean and dry, they got their jammies on and watched a bit of TV whilst I had a bath. It was so good to soak in bubbles and roasting hot water even if it had only been 4 days since the bathroom was ripped out.

Husband was last in the bath and whilst he got himself washed, the kids and I lay on my bed and ate sweeties and crisps! Hotel room snacks are the best kind of snacks I think!

My Stepdad arrived just after 8pm and wanted to treat us to a few drinks in the hotel's restaurant. We got dressed again and headed out. Husband and my Stepdad had a few beers and the kids and I shared some hot chocolate.

It was almost 10pm by the time we got back to our room and cosied into our beds. The kids said it was the best day ever! The hotel was literally 2 miles from the house but it was like being in a whole different place for the kids and they loved it. They said they were too excited for the pancake breakfast to sleep but they were out like lights as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

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