Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Awards and War Wounds

I don't know about other children but my two seem to have scrapes and bruises on their knees or hands every other week. 

Z had the biggest war wound to date when he came home last week with a massive scrape on his shoulder, a scrape on his stomach, one on his knee and one on his hip. He had fallen over whilst playing outside at school. His shoulder area was quite badly bruised actually. It looked really sore.

Our most recent war wound belongs to Miss C. She tripped up whilst playing outside at school yesterday. But it wasn't her knee or arm that got it; it was her face. When I asked her why she hadn't put her hands out to stop her fall she said, "I didn't want to hurt my hands!" 

Somehow, a face scrape always seems worse than anywhere else even though it is just as sore. Her little face looked really painful especially near her nose where the skin had opened and was weeping. We cleaned her up with some antiseptic wipes and she was really, really brave. 

I hate seeing the kids sore but I guess it comes with the territory. 

Miss C had some good news after her ordeal though; she received an award at assembly. She was given the Pupil of the Week award for trying really hard in class and following instructions. It's the second time she has had this award in the school year! 

We're so proud of her! For being very brave and for really trying hard in school.

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