Friday, 27 May 2016

Blogging and Anonymity

Something that I think every blogger considers when they draft their first ever post is should I blog anonymously, under a pseudonym or use my real name?

Using my real name was never something I thought twice about. I don't use my surname on any of my social media accounts but I don't have a problem using my first name on my blog or elsewhere. It's hardly an unusual name; Laura.

However I did consider how I wanted the kids to be known on my blog and, for many years, I've used nicknames for them. I don't know why, I just didn't use their names on my blog. I guess I thought that they didn't really have a choice about whether I blogged about them or not so to give them that privacy, I used nicknames. And it's worked great up until recently.

Now the kids are older and they know all about my blog, using nicknames for them just doesn't feel right. In fact, using the nicknames Z and Miss C sounds a bit forced and deliberate. It sounds unnatural, especially when we do videos with them. The amount of times I've had to edit out their names and then one of them saying, "remember to say Z or Miss C!"

I know a few bloggers have recently revealed their children's names and I hope you don't think I'm "jumping on the bandwagon", because this is something that I've been thinking about for a long time now. And after speaking to Husband about it, who shall still remain Husband or Dad on the blog, we agreed that it was OK to use their real names, whether writing about them or making videos.

Writing about my children is really to make memories for us all to look back on when they grow up. I want to share their achievements, their milestones and their journeys from baby to, well, whenever they don't want me to blog about them any longer.

No longer Z and Miss C, meet Zachary and Charlotte.

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