Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Final Touches to Our New Bathroom

It seemed like it would never be finished but, at long last, our bathroom is nearly complete. The radiator still needs to be attached and the towel rail needs to be put up but otherwise, it is pretty much done. And it looks amazing! We are really, really pleased with it.

Decorating a room often means going out and buying new bits and pieces to really finish the room off. We had a look in a few places but couldn't find anything we really liked without having to spend a lot of money and I didn't really want to spend almost £20 on a soap dispenser!

We decided to take a look in B&M. This isn't a shop I go into a lot, in fact, I forget it even exists. But we were killing time and it was next in line after a trip to Next so we went in for a nosy. I'm glad we did because we managed to pick up quite a few bits at half the price!

This silver and white set really fits in nicely with our new bathroom.

The grey text also fits in well too.

I think the bathroom set and the "bathe" towel holder cost less than £10. A real bargain and everything feels pretty well made and durable.

We also picked up a print for the downstairs toilet with one of my favourite quotes.

The downstairs toilet is now a pastel mint green colour with white edgings so I think this will look gorgeous on one of the walls. I also really enjoy having something nice to read whilst in the bathroom.

As soon as the rooms are all finished, I'll do a before and after post so you can see how much they've changed!

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