Monday, 23 May 2016

Frankie & Benny's New Breakfast Menu

Usually when we go out for a meal, we'll go out for lunch or dinner. Breakfast just isn't a meal we would think about going out for, unless we're on an early morning flight and we grab a quick bite at the airport. So when the Glasgow Fort invited us to try the new Frankie & Benny's breakfast menu, we decided to give it a go.

We went on Sunday morning, for a 10:30am reservation. When we arrived, the restaurant was fairly busy but we were served very quickly.

The breakfast menu has a lot of choice, from lighter options to the full blown Papa Grande! There are plenty of vegetarian options and a good combination of sweet and savoury.

The kids' menu is pretty limited; sausage, egg, bacon and beans. It would be good to see some pancakes or waffles on there too. However it is only £3.95 and includes a choice of orange or apple juice.

The kids decided to order from the main menu and both chose the pancake and bacon stack with maple syrup. I chose the triple stack of pancakes, fried eggs and bacon and Husband, of course, went for the Papa Grande. We also ordered a side of hash browns and tea and coffee. The tea and coffee is unlimited refills for £1.95 which is fantastic!

The food came out really quickly and was cooked to perfection. The kids gobbled up their pancakes whilst I just about managed to finish 2 of my pancakes and eggs. Husband really enjoyed the Papa Grande which came with sausage, eggs, bacon, black pudding, a hash brown, potatoes, toast and beans. It also comes with mushrooms and tomatoes but Husband doesn't like either. F&Bs were only too happy to accommodate our requests. Husband asked for poached eggs which they did instead of fried eggs.

The total cost was around £31 which I thought was really reasonable for what we ordered and for the quality of the food. It was delicious and set us up for the rest of the day!

I made a short video of the trip which you can watch below...

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