Friday, 13 May 2016

It Was a Tough Week

This week has been hard.


I knew it was coming but, no matter how hard I prepared myself and dedicated myself to this week (I deactivated Facebook in a bid to stop procrastinating!), it still took a lot of out me.

I'm talking about college, of course. This week has been so tough.

I say this week, I actually mean the last two days.

Monday and Tuesday were great. I adore going to placement and I look forward to it every Sunday night. Yes the early rise is a killer but to know I'm going to do something all day that I really love and enjoy makes it kind of worth it. I mean, I'm not for giving up lie ins completely hence why finding a job that didn't involve weekend work was really important.

It was yesterday and today that I found really tough. My college days.

Because we're approaching the last few weeks of the course, the work is piling up and it seems like the end isn't in sight when really it should be. I remember this time last year I had already been signed off from my classes because I was finished. I can't see that happening this year. I'll be working right up until 10th June.

Yesterday was tough because I had to give a solo presentation. I have no problem speaking in public. Large groups of people don't phase me and, as long as I know what I'm talking about, presentations are a breeze. But sitting through everyone else's over a 3 hour period, with no break in between, was exhausting. The room was warm, the sun was beating in through the windows and, no offence to the girls, at times I could feel my eyes closing. I think we all felt the same to be honest.

Today was a totally different kind of awful. We had an exam. It's called a closed book assessment where we were given two questions to answer in essay format. One was on professional practice and the second incorporated whistle-blowing and how international practice can influence our own practice. We had to throw in a bit of political background such as who was in power in 1979 (it was the Conservatives - Margaret Thatcher), when Scotland were given devolved powers (1998) and we had to discuss current policies that impact our practice. It was a lot to remember but I think I did OK! My hand was killing me when we finished - a whopping 2 hours!

Thankfully the week is now over and I don't have to think about it again.

Four weeks to go. Three or four reports to write and a folder of SVQ work to go through.

I'd like to say bring it on but I feel like the wounds of this week are still a bit fresh. Ask me again on Monday. Until then, bring on the ice cream.

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