Monday, 16 May 2016

Leader of the Herd

We had another horse riding lesson yesterday and I absolutely adore the mother/daughter time Miss C and I have when we go. On the lessons where I simply go to watch, I love seeing Miss C grow in confidence, her face beaming with a huge smile and on the lessons where I join in, I love looking over my shoulder to see how she is doing and her shouting over to me, "well done Mum!"

It was such a beautiful day, we went out on to the field for a hack and a canter. Miss C was on trusty old Jocky and I rode Piper. I want to say she is a shire but she's not bold in colour, she's more like a bay paint horse. I will have to get clued up on my breeds again. Anyway, she's a lovely horse and probably around 15hh so not overly big.

We left the school and crossed the busy single carriageway. I always get nervous crossing a road or even being on a road with a horse, not because I'm nervous of the horse; I'm nervous of the drivers. It only takes one idiot to try and spook the horses by overtaking them too fast or beeping their horns and anything could happen. Thankfully we made it safely to the other side and into the field.

Miss C had had help over the road, of course, but once on the track, she was left to go herself. And she was at the very front, leading the herd. She did such a brilliant job. Jocky can have a mind of his own but he didn't falter once. I was right at the back, watching her doing so well and seeing how the year and half of lessons and two camps had paid off at developing her horse riding skills.

As we turned to go back to the school, Jocky decided he had had enough behaving and wanted to eat some grass. Miss C did her very best to get him to turn and carry on walking but she needed a bit of help from our instructor. Of course, Jocky had got it into his head that he wanted his grass so he ran off, with Miss C holding on to her saddle so she didn't come off. It was only a few strides and our instructor had caught him and Miss C was absolutely fine. She was loving it!

Before heading back into the school, we went into one of the big fields to have a canter. Miss C went in first with Jocky and did a brilliant job. Then it was my turn to take Piper down. She did well, walking down so far and then, as I turned her to go back, she went straight into canter. It was brilliant fun but my boots kept slipping in my stirrups so I'm going to try wearing my wellies next time to see if that makes a difference.

Back at the school, we did another couple of canters and some jumps. Miss C wanted to try Piper so I jumped off and walked Jocky off whilst Miss C had a shot on her. Jocky must only be about 13hh but Miss C isn't phased by being on the bigger horses. She's been on a Clydesdale before! Sometimes I think you feel safer on the bigger horses cause they feel more sturdy.

It was such a brilliant lesson and we can't wait to go back in a few weeks time. I've decided that, once I'm working and we've done everything we need to do in the house, I'm going to save a bit of money and buy a horse of our own. I'm not sure what type yet but it will definitely have to be something both Miss C and I can ride. I'm so enjoying having this hobby to share with her.

Who knows, we might get Z to join in too?!

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