Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sibling Moments #29

This month's photo features my siblings and their pet siblings; Jack and Jett the gerbils.

Miss C is definitely the animal lover of the family. If she could, she would have a house filled with animals. In fact, she has already decided that when she is older, she's going to have a farm with lots and lots of animals. Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits...even chickens.

Z on the other hand, likes animals but he isn't as keen as Miss C. He can be a bit reluctant to go near dogs, especially big ones, and doesn't tend to bother much with the cats, which is probably why our cat Jazz likes to go into his room to sleep with him.

So when we decided to get a small pet for Miss C, it came as a surprise that Z wanted to get his own pet too. Initially we were going to get a hamster but you can't put two hamsters together so gerbils seemed liked a good alternative. They like company so we got two brothers from our local pet shop.

They love their little gerbil siblings. They are pretty good with them, very gentle and caring.

As for the little gerbil brothers, their relationship often reminds me of Miss C and Z's relationship. They like to cuddle up in their hay-filled bed, take turns on their wheel, steal food from each other and chase each other around their home, sometimes playing and sometimes fighting. It all ends in one squealing and going off to hide in their little hideout.

I guess no matter what species, siblings have a love/hate relationship.

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