Monday, 9 May 2016

The End is Murky

Friday 10th June 2016.

The final day of college.


It isn't that far off but just now the end is not in is murky, dark and chaotic.

When I first started year two of my course, it was pretty full on. I didn't feel overwhelmed by it though. I knew it was going to be tough. I have to admit, my head probably wasn't in it at all because, when I started back on 8th September, it was less than a month until our Disneyworld trip. So, of course, that was all I could really think about.

Towards the end of semester one, mid-January, things had eased off. The workload, for me anyway, was manageable. I know that some found it hard but they had to juggle work and their coursework. I have the luxury of not working and a Husband who takes the kids away for a few hours at the weekend when I need to have a distraction free study session. I was feeling pretty on top of things. In fact, I was handing work in weeks before it was due and on top of all of my SQA stuff - Scottish Qualification Authority!

But now, now that the end is close, it's all stepped up a gear again. This week I have a solo presentation on my chosen topic of STEM and improving the access to STEM education in early years and a closed book assessment on professional practice and how legislation and policy influences our practice. I also have a massive report due which counts to the overall grade on my course (I want an A) and three or four other reports that are going to be due within days of one another.

I think once I get this week over with, I'll feel a bit better but at the moment I'm feeling like the 5 weeks we have left isn't going to be long enough to get everything done.

College has definitely aged me this year!

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