Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tilly Makes Really Good Cake

If you are a long time reader of this blog, or even if you haven't been, you will know how much I enjoy a good piece of cake. I have been known to consume more than a slice in one sitting but cake is like what chocolate and sweets are to some people; I just can't get sick of eating it. The type of cake doesn't matter either, although I'm not the biggest chocolate cake fan. So long as it has a delicious filling, a fluffy and light sponge and a generous serving of icing or buttercream on top, I'm sold.

A few days ago, a Glasgow based cake baker and decorator (is that the technical name for that job? Can I call them...Gods??!) asked me if I'd like to try some samples of her cakes. Eh, yes please and thank you kindly. Blogging has brought us many a great opportunities and, if you're going to give me cake to review, I'm not going to say no. I'm going to bite your hand off...and eat your cake.

Tilly Makes Cake is a cake business started by Natalie. Glasgow isn't exactly local to us however I have heard that people are travelling down from way up in the Scottish highlands to try her cake so you know something has to be really, really good if you're going to travel hundreds of miles to get it. Her cakes are so popular, Natalie is highly sought after for special occasions covering the whole of the UK!

Tilly Makes Cake specialises in wedding cakes and, having scrolled through her instagram account and Facebook page, the designs are simply stunning with meticulous attention to detail. Her roses are so realistic, I'm not convinced you can eat them but they are, in fact, 100% edible. However Natalie also makes children's cakes, christening cakes and dessert tables.

Back to the cake. I received my samples in the most beautiful box. Miss C eyed it up straight away and I told her there was no way she was getting the box to make a horse stable. This was to be a Mummy's box. Inside the box, wrapped in pink paper, were four beautifully wrapped cake samples. Rainbow napkins (Miss C did acquire those) and the dinkiest forks that you ever did see completed what would actually make such a gorgeous gift for someone. Of course, baking loads of cakes for one sample box isn't cost effective but, if you fancy your chances of getting a hold of one, Natalie is running a giveaway over on her Facebook page right now!

The four flavours I received were coconut and lime with a lime curd and coconut and lime buttercream, lemon sponge with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, and spice infused carrot cake with orange blossom buttercream. I was immediately drawn to the coconut and lime sponge. I love lime or lemon in my food but I've never heard of a coconut and lime combination in a cake so I was really keen to try it. It was really yummy. The sponge was light and fluffy with the coconut really coming through. The lime was sweet yet subtle. For me, I'd have loved a big smack of lime but I think it was perfectly balanced for the flavour combination. The kids also tried the coconut and lime with Z declaring it the best cake he'd ever tasted.

I wasn't too offended...I mean Natalie does this for a living.

The rest of the samples, which had been precut into three slices, I took into placement to share with the staff. Cake gets you through a busy day and we were certainly spoiled with freshly baked cakes instead of the usual shop bought ones. I had a piece of the vanilla sponge which was really lovely, especially with the raspberry jam instead of strawberry that you would usually get with a vanilla sponge.

The most popular of the four samples was definitely a close call between the carrot sponge and the lemon sponge. If you love carrot cake then you'd love the carrot sponge with the orange blossom icing. I could see this being really popular for Autumn/Winter weddings. As for the lemon cake...I think it was my favourite. The perfect amount of lemon in the sponge and icing, and I loved the layer of lemon curd too.

If you live near Glasgow (or you are willing to travel) and you're looking for a cake designer, definitely check out Tilly Makes Cake. I'm super impressed with the quality and presentation of the samples I received and they tasted amazing as well!

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