Saturday, 28 May 2016

You are Seven

Dear Charlotte,

As I say every year your turn a year older, I can't believe you are another year older. You are seven. You are still closer to 5 than you are to 10 but I know that you won't get any younger and soon I'll be writing you a 10 year old birthday letter.

I wonder what the age 7 will hold for you. I've always said 7 is my lucky number and, when Zachary turned 7, we had a pretty amazing year. I'm sure this next year will be pretty amazing for you, and us too.

You are such a character and a joy to be around. You are hilarious and can be quite witty without thinking about it. You are also very sweet and have a very caring nature. You love animals and you already know you want to be a vet with a huge farm filled with horses and dogs.

You live for the weekend, days off and holidays. You're not a fan of school...well at least the academic side of it. You love seeing your friends and playing with them at playtime but you aren't keen on homework. You are a clever cookie though and, if you would apply yourself, you could do really, really well. Then again, in a few years school will be full of exams and stress so you would be as well enjoying the time there just now.

You can be quite sensitive and can be easily upset over the smallest of things. I think you wear your heart on your sleeve. If you are happy about something, everyone knows about it. If you aren't happy about something, everyone knows about it too.

Your absolute favourite thing in the world is horse riding. You adore horses; real ones and toy ones alike. You aren't afraid to try new things whilst riding and you don't shy away from the hard work involved with keeping a horse. I know you'd love to have your own pony and, one day, I hope we can realise that dream for you...partly because Mum also wants a horse of her own.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year of being seven.

We love you so much!

Lots of love always and forever,

Mum xxxo

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