Sunday, 5 June 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 150 - 156

On Sunday, Charlotte and her best friend were up really early which meant I was up really early. We had a lazy morning, playing games and watching TV. Once Charlotte's best friend went home and we had had lunch, we went for a bike ride. I think we did around 2 miles on the bikes which wasn't too hard going for Husband and I but quite a ride for the kids. We were knackered when we got home! We had steak for dinner which I bought from our local butchers instead of the supermarket and they tasted amazing! I was in bed for 9.30pm and zonked!

It was a beautiful day when we finally woke up on Monday. I got up at 9.30am and the kids were up after 10! They must have needed the sleep. Husband decided to put the pool up and we were so glad he did because it was beautiful right up until 7pm. The kids had a brilliant time, splashing about in the pool and eating ice cream. I'm hoping that this good weather is here to stay for awhile!

It was back to school on Tuesday which was hard going because we were still enjoying the glorious sunshine. When we got home, I helped Charlotte with her homework and we had a yummy homemade chicken tikka for dinner.

It was Zachary's birthday on Wednesday but he still had to go to school. We decided to go for dinner to our favourite Italian restaurant for dinner to celebrate. The food was delicious as always!

On Thursday, it was back to college for me however it was also Charlotte's sports day so I nipped away for an hour to watch her. She didn't want to take part in the obstacle course but she did the flat race. Had it been horse riding she would have been really up for it. My friend and I took part in the Mum's race. I think it's nice for the kids to see their parents taking part and having a bit of fun, if they can. Husband sent me this image on Whatsapp which I felt was quite appropriate to how I'm feeling this week!

On Friday, it was sports day, round 2! Zachary did well and won the three-legged race with one of his best friends. They had a pretty good technique going. I took part in the mum's race again, despite being desperate for the toilet! Once sports day was over, I headed to college as it was results day. I didn't get my results until after lunch but I was really pleased with how I did. After dinner the kids, Husband and I took a bike ride down to the local ice cream shop for a cone each. They were delicious and we were all shattered when we got home. I'm loving this weather though!

On Saturday, it was a bit overcast when we woke up however Husband headed out to the garden to get the pool up for Zachary's friends coming over to celebrate his birthday. Charlotte had a party to go to; her best friends. She had a tubing party at the dry ski slope and Charlotte had a lot of fun. The boys arrived just after lunch and were straight into the pool! They had a great afternoon and the sunshine managed to peek through the clouds. It was still really warm! Charlotte had another birthday party to go after dinner. This time it was a laser tag party! Better social life than me!

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