Sunday, 12 June 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 157 - 163

Last Sunday, the boys were up just before 8am, ready to play Xbox. I gave them their breakfast and let them play until Zachary's friend was picked up. Charlotte and I had a date with our horses so we headed to the stables. I rode Bobbie, who is one of Charlotte's favourites, and she rode Teddy. It was a great lesson although we were absolutely roasting! After lunch, we spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine in the garden. We had tarragon chicken for dinner which is one of my favourite dishes!

It was back to school and placement on Monday. It was my second last day of placement and, as always, it went in really quickly. I picked the kids up from my friend's house and it had started to rain. We were expecting thunder storms but it came to nothing and the sun was soon back out. I picked up some Lapland brochures as we're considering booking a trip for December!

On Tuesday, it was my last day in placement and I was feeling quite sad. I got a lovely gift from the staff, which was very kind of them. I picked the kids up from my friend's house and we headed home to have our favourite dinner; spaghetti bolognaise. Husband had to work really late but came home with lots of lovely cakes for me to enjoy!

It was my day off on Wednesday and I headed to school to watch Zachary in his school show. The kids did a brilliant job! I spent the rest of the day catching up on Hollyoaks. I picked the kids up from school and they played in the garden. I enjoyed a slice of Victoria sponge with a cup of tea.

On Thursday, it was my second last day at college and it was spent getting everything organised in to my folder and signed off by my lecturers. It was a stressful day but I got everything done and I managed to leave at lunch time. It was such a warm day, I was roasted by the time I got to school to pick the kids up. Charlotte put her shorts and vest top on but decided that her knee high socks were staying on too.

On Friday, it was my last day at college. I didn't have any work to do but I went in early as we were all heading out for lunch. It was so much fun and the food was yummy. Our lecturers made us certificates and bought us a frame with a photo in it which was really lovely of them. Once I got home, I went to visit where I'll be working from next week. It was exciting but also a little scary because it's somewhere new.

On Saturday, Zachary went to Karate whilst Charlotte and I went to Asda to get our food shop for the week. After lunch, we popped to the library to return our books, the horse shop to get Charlotte's hat re-fitted and the boys got their hair cut. After dinner, we got ready to go to a friend's house for the evening. We took the kids with us and we all had a great time...we didn't get home until after 2am!

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