Monday, 27 June 2016

A New WC

As well as having our main bathroom redecorated, we had our downstairs toilet freshened up. When the water leaked from the bathroom upstairs, it damaged the ceiling in the WC so it had to be fixed to.

The journey wasn't plain sailing at all; we have only just finished this week after months and months of work in the house. But, finally, it's done and we put the finishing touches to the room during the week.

We chose a mint green colour for the walls as it is one of my favourite colours and I thought it would add something extra to the room instead of it being white again. The canvas is from B&M and cost £4.99. It's such a wonderful quote too.

The glass floating shelves are also from B&M and cost less than £5. My reed diffuser is from Darceys in a limited edition scent which is no longer available, sadly, as it smells amazing. The mirror was a wedding gift from the girls at my Mother-in-law's work so it's almost 10 years old!

We had some flooring left over from the upstairs bathroom and Husband managed to lay this himself and put the beading on around the skirtings. He did a brilliant job. An engineer for a Husband always comes in handy!

We are really pleased with how the house is coming together. We've still a few bits we'd like to get done but these are just small things that can get done bit by bit. DIY certainly isn't my favourite thing in the world but when it's all done, I'm pretty happy with the end result.

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