Thursday, 30 June 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - June

June has been such a busy month! It began with Zachary's birthday and continued with weekends packed with things to do and places to be, and week days filled with end of college year work, school and full time proper work for me. So our photos this month are really chilled out and relaxed at home, something I think we all really need. Plus, the weather of late has been rubbish.

I finished college on 10th June. We had a lovely farewell, celebratory lunch at my favourite Italian restaurant with our lecturers. It was a great way to mark our achievement! I was hoping for a rest the following week but I was offered work at a local nursery for the Monday and I've been there ever since. I'm loving working in a position I really enjoy but it is also tiring, and I'm finding I come home every evening, ready for bed.

Husband has been working a lot this month. Late nights, weekends and day trips to England. We celebrated just how amazing he is on Father's day; not that we need a day to celebrate how fab he is. We are really lucky to have him as a Husband and Father. We went out for a meal, again at our favourite Italian restaurant, and the kids treated him to a bottle of his favourite bubbly. Of course, I bought it on their behalf!

Zachary has been loving watching and following the Euros. I couldn't tell you what's been happening in them, aside from England losing against Iceland earlier this week; I don't think anyone could have missed that. He really enjoys watching football and also playing football at school. He has already said, aside from wanting to be a Doctor, he wants to play football, perhaps in a 5-aside team at the weekends. I haven't had the heart to tell him that, as a Doctor, he will probably have to work weekends. He is really looking forward to being on holiday and having a break from all the school work.

Charlotte has grown so much in this last month, since she turned 7 in May. That may seem like an odd thing to say because it's only a month, but she seems to have taken a stretch overnight. I've had to clear out some of her clothes that no longer fit which is sad but also exciting because it means I can go shopping for new stuff for her. She's still loving horse riding and playing with all of her new toy horses she got for her birthday. She is also really looking forward to being on holiday!

You'll notice in the background of this photo we have a canvas of us all and we decided to re-create that photo. The original must be about 4 years old now! Look how much we've all changed!

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