Tuesday, 7 June 2016

One Final Day

I got up at 6am.

I did my workout.

I got showered. I got dressed.

I woke the kids up. Charlotte, perky as ever, bounced out of bed. Zachary was a bit less enthused by the wake up call.

We had breakfast. I got the school bags ready. We brushed our teeth, applied the suncream and the kids got dressed.


We headed out the door.

It was time to go for one final day.

One final day at my placement.

Aside from my two days in college, the course involves a working placement for 2 days a week. Whilst doing my first year, I changed placement when the semesters changed but this year I stayed in the same placement all year.

Working with children is incredibly rewarding. You get to know these little people and, of course, you become attached. I was feeling quite sad as I walked through the doors for one final day of fun.

I walked out the door, 7.5 hours later, no longer a student on placement.

I only have two more days at college, which realistically will be a day and a half because we're going out on Friday to celebrate. So a day and a half to go and then I will no longer be a student.

It's a bit scary. It's a bit uncertain. But I think it's going to be worth it.

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