Friday, 3 June 2016

The Hard Work Paid Off

Today was an important day in my journey as a student; results day. Aside from doing various assignments and SQA work over the year, we also had to do a Graded Unit on a topic of our choice, and lead a process of change within our placement. So whilst we can either pass or have remediation on our assignments, our Graded Unit is scored over 3 papers out of 100 and you need to get a C or above to pass the course.

I was feeling fine about it all until it got nearer to 2pm and our lecturer arrived with our marked papers. I got a queasy sensation in my tummy and it got worse the longer I sat, waiting for my name to be called.

On my first paper, I had done really well and was on track for an A. On my second paper, and in fact on all of our papers, the marking was a lot stricter. Whilst I got a good mark, it meant I needed a 26 or above on my last paper to get an overall A grade.

I've worked so hard over the last two years and I really wanted to get my A. That's just how I am. I want to do well and do the very best I can therefore I aim high. I got an A last year in my Graded Unit and I was so proud of myself.

But I was worried. I was worried I was going to miss out on an A by one or two marks because the second paper had been so strictly marked. When I handed in my last paper, I was pleased with what I had done however you never know what the person marking the paper is looking for. Will they like my writing style? Can they understand the point I'm making? Are they having a good day?

Finally, after 4 girls, my name was called.

Our lecturer had our overall mark written down on a piece of paper. I knew I needed 70 or above to get an A and because I knew my previous marks, I knew I needed at least 26 to hit 70. She showed me my mark on my last paper...32. She told me my overall mark...76.

I did it.

All the hard work paid off and I got an A.

I was so pleased and also so relieved that it was over. I don't have to think about it any more. The work is done and I've passed year 2 of my degree with flying colours.

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