Monday, 6 June 2016

Today Was Your Date

When I found I was pregnant for a third time, it came as a bit of a surprise. We knew we wanted to have second baby and to have the baby quite close in age to Zachary but we'd only been trying for a few months and it happened very quickly.

Before I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte, I was on holiday in Portugal with my Mum and Zachary. He was 17 or 18 months old at the time, I should have realised when I felt constantly tired and a bit sick but I put it down to the heat and different food. Oh and running around after a toddler!

It wasn't until a few weeks after we got back that I took a test because my period was late and I found we were pregnant again. I remember Husband had taken Zachary swimming and I nipped to Asda to get a test. I did it there and then and the result was positive straight away. I told Husband when he got in the car when I was picking them up from swimming. He was delighted. Zachary was indifferent.

When I went for my booking appointment at the Doctors, I was given my due date; 6th June 2009. 669. It felt a bit freaky partly because it was almost 666 but mainly because 669 was the first part of my Gran's phone number and she lived at house number 66.

I called my Mum tell her and she said, "did you know when we were in Portugal?!" I really didn't. Everyone in the family and our friends were super excited that another little baby would be joining the family.

In the lead up to her due date, I was more and more panicked that she was going to be early and that she was going to arrive on her brother's birthday. I didn't want them to share a birthday!

I need not have worried because the little lady decided to arrive two weeks early instead. She obviously wanted to come to her brother's second birthday!

But today, 7 years ago, was our little girl's due date.

And I always had a funny feeling about that date because of the links to my Gran. Turns out it would be the day that Charlotte met her Bella, my Mum and my Gran's daughter, for the very first time.

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