Monday, 6 June 2016

What to get a 7 Year Old for Their Birthday

Birthday present shopping seems to get harder the older they get. I also feel a bit bad because their present stack gets smaller and smaller but the cost remains the same...or more.

I find it harder to shop for Zachary actually because he doesn't have one particular interest; he likes a lot of things. He is also a big reader so whilst you can't go wrong with books for him, it's remembering which ones he already has or has already read!

Charlotte is easier to shop for because she has one big love in her life; horses. A few people asked us if we were going to buy her a real horse for her birthday and whilst that is something I'm looking into in the future, it certainly won't be any time soon and nor would it be for her birthday. Instead we got her lots of toy horses.

Her favourite types are the Schleich horses. You can buy these online but we picked them up from our local Smyths toy shop. She is also loving the Our Generation range, again available in Smyths, so we picked her up a foal and, her biggest present, the stable.

I put together a video of everything she received for her birthday because I thought it would be fun to share what she got in a hope that it will inspire any gift buying you are doing. Let me know which gift was your favourite!

The only thing I didn't share on the video was Charlotte's Build-a-Bear horse she bought with her birthday money. She is a massive Build-a-Bear fan and when I saw they were releasing the horse stuffed animal, I knew she'd want it and the tack to go with it. It cost her £30.

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