Tuesday, 14 June 2016

What to get a 9 Year Old for Their Birthday

Whilst Charlotte has a passion for all things animal related, and in particular horses, Zachary is much harder to buy for when it comes to his birthday. He hasn't got one main interest that he really enjoys, aside from reading. so we can't even go out and buy a few bits and bobs from his favourite range or of his favourite character.

The great thing about shopping for Zachary is, he will tell you exactly what he'd like and it doesn't go over the top and want lots of things. He is quite happy with one or two gifts and "a surprise!"

This year he asked for a skateboard and some Lego. Zachary really likes the Lego City range so we picked up a helicopter set that we knew he'd enjoy. We also picked out a concave skateboard from Smyths which I'm sure he'll enjoy practising in the garden on and also making my heart jump into my mouth!

I put together a video of everything Zachary received to give you some gift inspiration if you are shopping for a birthday gift or even starting to think about the big C word.

Zachary was also very lucky to receive money from family and friends which I think he is going to put towards buying some more books.

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