Sunday, 10 July 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 185 - 192

We were up bright and early on Sunday mainly because the kids woke up early. I left Husband in bed because he had been out the night before to watch the football. Charlotte and I went to our horse riding lesson and Husband, who eventually got up, and Zachary came to watch. It went well but Piper was being a bit of a lazy mare! We decided to go to McDonalds for lunch after our lesson which went down a treat. Then it was back home to get a shower and to do my mountain pile of ironing! The kids asked if they could watch a movie since they didn't have to get up early in the morning and chose Mulan.

We didn't get up until after 8am on Monday morning. Hello summer holidays! I did my workout, had a shower and we had breakfast. Then it was time to have a big clear out. I set Zachary the task of choosing what he wanted to get rid of and Charlotte helped me with her stuff. It took all afternoon but we managed to get rid of a few bags of stuff and their rooms are looking a lot less cluttered. I made steak and pasta for dinner which was quite tasty.

On Tuesday, it was another late rise. Well, by late I mean after 8am! After my workout and shower, we had breakfast and I tidied our back garden. It really only needed a sweep as it is generally quite a low maintenance, well kept garden. My front garden on the other hand...we decided to do some baking since the weather wasn't up to much. We made fairy cakes, a change from my usual cupcakes. They were quite yummy.

It was miserable on Wednesday! I managed to get out to my front garden and tidy it up a bit before the rain really started. It looks a lot better than it did but I've a few things I'd like to do to the front garden before I'll be really happy with it. It needs a new fence and gate, and new slabs however I quite like the idea of mono-blocking it too. The kids and I made playdough using some flour and conditioner. Usually I'd make it with oil and cream of tartar but I didn't have either in the house so using conditioner is a good alternative. Charlotte played with it for hours whilst Zachary got bored after an hour and read a book instead.

The sun made an appearance on Thursday so the kids went outside to play with my neighbour's grandson. They played football and rode their bikes whilst I got on with my ironing and cleaning. I love it when the sunshine comes out because it means Charlotte can wear super cute outfits like this one.

On Friday, the kids and I went for a bike ride covering around 4.5 miles. We were knackered when we got home as a lot of it was uphill. We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out in the house because the weather turned miserable. We watched a movie after dinner, Turbo, and enjoyed some ice cream as a treat.

As Karate is off over the summer holidays, we didn't get up until after 9am! I got showered and headed to the shops for my food shop whilst the kids and Husband stayed at home and cleaned out the gerbils. Husband made us all bacon and runny egg rolls for lunch which were delicious. After lunch, we headed into town to do some boring DIY shopping. It's definitely not my favourite kind. We went and had a look at the Ford Edge Sport at our local dealership as we've been thinking about getting a 4x4 for awhile and it's a pretty nice looking car and half the price of the BMW equivalent. We couldn't test drive it though as it was in the show room so we'll have to arrange to try it to see if we like it or not.

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