Sunday, 17 July 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 193 - 199

On Sunday, we got up a bit later and had a really, really lazy day. I wanted to watch the tennis so we put dinner on early and ate it in front of the match. It was such a good game and Andy Murray did so well. After the tennis, the kids asked if they could watch a film and they chose Minions. We had some yummy chocolate cake for pudding. Such a great way to spend a really miserable Sunday.

Monday wasn't much better although I did manage to get my washing out to dry. I had a bit of a tidy up in the loft and under my kitchen sink; places you never really think of tidying up. Charlotte played with her Build-a-Bears and Zachary read another Minecraft book. They picked out some bits to put in their Trunkis, ready to go to Gran's for a sleepover at the weekend. We had an early night because Zachary's best friend was getting dropped off early in the morning so his mum can go to work. It's great that we can help each other out when we're working and the kids are at school or if the kids are off. We had Chili con Carne for dinner which was delicious.

On Tuesday, we were up early as Zachary's best friend was coming over whilst his mum went to work. She helps me out during term time and I return the favour during the school holidays. The kids love having him over too. We decided to go down to the library to pick out some new books. I chose 3 books for myself and I'm really excited to be reading something other than a psychology, sociology or anything childcare related book. Charlotte and Zachary both chose Minecraft books. The weather wasn't that great but it was dry so we enjoyed our walk to and from the library by playing eye-spy. Zachary is a terrible person to play it with because he thinks outside the box and none of us could figure his out. One was two words; W and L. Well we couldn't figure it out and eventually gave in after asking him a million times if he "could still see it?" The answer? White lines...from the roads.

Wednesday was a much better day which saw the kids spending most of it outside. Charlotte and I went down to the park and she had a great time on the swings and the "horsey" whilst the boys played football. I started my second book from the library; Cecelia Ahern. The Jenny Colgan book was great and one of the first books I've read in a day in a long time.

It was another beautiful day on Thursday so off the kids went to play outside. We went for a walk to the shops and picked up some ice lollies and played in the park. I got 2 loads of washing out to dry; sad that getting a couple of washing loads out to dry makes me excited. After dinner, the kids wanted to have a bath and I painted Charlotte's nails, ready for a party tomorrow.

On Friday, after cleaning the house and getting dressed, the kids and I headed to the supermarket to get our food shop. It was such a miserable day so after lunch, I let the kids watch a movie whilst I did the ironing and caught up on Hollyoaks. After dinner, the kids had a party to attend. They had a lot of fun and Charlotte was loving her mocktail!

I was up at 4am for the Next sale on Saturday. I did OK; I didn't get as much as I usually would though. The kids went to their Gran's house for a sleepover so Husband and I could go out for dinner and then on to a friend's house to celebrate their 40th birthday. It was nice to spend some time together and we went to one of our favourite restaurants for our meal. It was delicious. At our friend's house, we played Cards Against Humanity which was really funny. We didn't get home until 12.30am!

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