Monday, 25 July 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 200 - 206

Husband and I didn't get up until almost midday. The beauty of the kids being at their Gran's for a sleepover means we get a really long lie! Once the kids were home, we headed to Paradise Island Adventure Golf for an afternoon of family fun. Husband ended up winning of course but it was a great couple of hours and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. After the golf, we headed to the shops and we had dinner at Cosmo. It was delicious.

Husband was back to work on Monday but counting down the days until his week long holiday next week. The kids and I spent the day at home; I got on with my various jobs and the kids played outside. Zachary is loving playing with our next door neighbour's grandson. They are the same age and love football, and I think it has been good for them both to have someone to play with. After dinner, we headed out on the bikes for a little while because it was such a lovely evening. I started a new book; All the Bright Places.

On Tuesday, it was a roasting hot day and, in fact, I think it was the hottest day of the year so far. We were out in the garden for pretty much most of the day. Charlotte played with her Playmobil, Zachary read his book and I read my book. It was nice to enjoy the sunshine! We also went for a bike ride once Husband was home.

The kids headed to a club at the local leisure centre for the day. Zachary went ice skating and played badminton whilst Charlotte played in the soft play. They both got to go swimming too. They had a great time and asked if they could go again next week. I spent the day tidying up and filming my recent Next haul! I got a lot of stuff. I made salmon for dinner and it was delicious.

On Thursday my diploma arrived in the post, making my qualification even more official! We spent the day chilling out at home. The kids played outside for most of the day. After dinner, we went for a bike ride to the library to get some new books to read. Husband brought me some chips home and they went down a treat!

On Friday it was a mad rush to get ready to head down to Manchester for my Sister's wedding. I picked up my lipstick for the wedding day; Rimmel London's Kate Moss collection in the shade 08. We arrived just after 8pm at Bella and Pops' house. We had some food, a few drinks and then headed to bed for an early night so we were ready for a full on day in the morning.

Saturday was an amazing day. The sun was shining but it wasn't overly warm which made for the most perfect wedding day for my Sister and my new Brother-in-law. Charlotte and my niece were flower-girls and Zachary had the job of giving the wedding rings to the Best Man. They got married at 2pm and then we headed to the reception venue for speeches, food, photos, drinking, cake and dancing. It was fantastic and my Sister was the most beautiful bride.

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