Monday, 4 July 2016

A Riding Update

I haven't done a horse riding update in awhile, especially one with a vlog of a lesson because I've been taking lessons myself and a camera on a horse is not an easy task. Husband and Zachary came to watch us yesterday so I thought it would be a great opportunity for Husband to film some of the lesson to see how we are getting on.

It's hard to imagine how your positioning is when you are on a horse; well at least when you are starting back after many years away from it. You think you are sitting up straight with your elbows tucked in and your heels down but that isn't always the case and it can be easy to slip into slouching and toes pointing down. This is why I find filming a lesson really useful to see exactly what I need to work on to improve. I'm a visual learner and as much as I take on board what our instructor tells me, I like to see it for myself and then I can remember it for next lesson.

Charlotte does a brilliant job every lesson. I see her getting stronger and more confident. I think as she gets bigger, she will improve more rapidly in comparison with the last two years where she has come on so much and then stalls, sometimes even falling back, before taking a big leap forward again.

I definitely feel a difference in my own riding as the weeks progress. I'm more confident going into canter; in fact it's my favourite thing to do however I need to work on my jumps as I think I tense up a bit as we approach the poles, which you'll see in the video. I guess it's the fear of possibly falling off. I also need to work more on sitting up as straight as possible and really gripping onto the saddle with my legs. I think I'm getting better at it though because my legs are aching as I write this!

The most important thing is, Charlotte and I really, really enjoy our lessons. It's a chance to spend some Mum and Daughter time together and share a passion we both love.

Unfortunately Husband didn't capture any of my canters but Charlotte's are amazing and her horse is so responsive. The horse I was riding...she can be a bit of a lazy mare!

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