Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Fashion Picks for Husband in Summer

Husband is the first to admit that he is terrible when it comes to picking out clothes for himself. He doesn't know what colours suit him, what style of shirt suits him or even what accessories go with what. He does know what jeans he swears by; 501s but otherwise, he isn't at all interested in fashion.

He often asks me to pick out things for him; things I think will look good on him. When it comes to summer style, I really don't think you can go wrong with a good polo shirt. A polo shirt can be dressed down with a pair of shorts, perfect for going out for a lunch date or to a park with the kids. It can also be dressed up with a pair of jeans and boots for an evening date or on cooler summer days.

Some of my favourite polo shirts on Husband are Ralph Lauren. Maybe it's because I love the horse or because I know how well made they are as my Mum and Stepdad frequently buy Ralph Lauren for work and for every day wear. Husband loves them as well because they are great quality and the different shapes and styles allow you to choose something that flatters you and fits really well.

Of course, summer is also a popular time for weddings and, with my sister getting married just last weekend, I think a tailored suit looks amazing. You can get your classic fit suits, skinny fit, slim fit and even extra slim fit but a tailored suit always looks the smartest because it is tailored exactly to your size and shape. Husband looks great in a grey suit. 

And the perfect accessory for summer? Aviator shades! I love aviator style sunglasses on Husband. He has the perfect face shape for them. These are also a great all-year-round accessory because the aviator style never goes out of fashion. 

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