Sunday, 10 July 2016

Nowhere to be, Nothing to do

The first week of the summer holidays has gone is so quickly. Weather wise it has been pretty awful on the whole, with only one really nice day where we managed to get outside to play.

What I've loved about this last week is we've had nowhere to be and nothing to do. We haven't had to get up early for me to go to work so the mornings have been really chilled out, getting up just after 8, having breakfast and doing things around the house.

The afternoons have been spent either outside or doing something inside, such as seeing how many snails you can make with homemade playdough or baking and eating yummy cakes.

The kids are at an age where they can really entertain themselves; Zachary will quite happily read a book in his room whilst Charlotte will get creative with paper, glue and scissors. It's meant I've had the time to do things in the house like clearing out their rooms of old clothes and toys they no longer play with, and cleaning in general.

The rest of the summer holidays are going to be pretty busy with our anniversary coming up, birthday parties to attend, a big wedding to celebrate and day trips here and there. There will also be a spot of DIY in the house, however that's Husband's forte which I won't be taking anything to do with.

But this last week has been so chilled and so very ordinary and it has been fantastic.

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