Saturday, 30 July 2016

Our Bathroom Makeover is Complete

It was a long process to get our bathroom exactly how we wanted it. After a leak that caused a lot of damage, we claimed on our home insurance (which has been and is still an ongoing nightmare), and had our bathroom, my office and our downstairs WC re-decorated. Our bathroom wasn't in a bad way; in fact it had only been decorated a few years ago but we're really pleased with the new look.

Wet wall seems to be all the rage at the moment but we wanted tiles. I love tiles in a bathroom. Husband chose the colour and going from white to grey has made a huge difference to the bathroom. White tiles are a bit of a nightmare to keep clean.

The repair team replaced all of our walls and completed the tile work. The silver trim really finishes off the look. We chose black laminate flooring but opted for specifically designed bathroom flooring so it would last longer than regular laminate.

Husband did the ceiling and bath panel himself. We opted for wet wall for the ceiling and I do think it looks really nice in comparison to a plain white ceiling. He wired in the new spotlights and the extractor; these are the times when having an engineer for a husband make all these DIY jobs so much cheaper and easier.

The difference is huge! The bathroom looks amazing.

It has taken quite a few years to get our house looking how we want it but we're almost there. We need new internal doors, new flooring in our downstairs hall and kitchen and I'd like to re-decorate the kitchen itself but then we'll be finished, aside from the usual cosmetic stuff like painting. I'd also like to redecorate Charlotte's room for her and put in mirrored wardrobes in our room. Slowly but surely it will be done.

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