Friday, 15 July 2016

Sibling Moments #31

I have to admit that I almost forgot to take a sibling photo this month. When you are on holiday, the days just get lost and you're often having to check the calendar to remind yourself of what date it is, then argue with yourself because there's no way it could be that far in to July, and then check the Facebook Timehop and realise that, in fact, it is the middle of the month. Where is the time going?!

Aside from forgetting what day it is, during the holidays it means these two spend more time together. This does two things; brings them closer and drives them mental. There is no middle ground.

The bickering is enough to send me into hiding after telling them that, unless one of them has a limb hanging off or blood pouring from somewhere, I don't want to get involved. It's always he said this and she did that and you're left feeling like piggy in the middle.

When they play together though, they get on so well. Zachary is really considerate of his little sister and Charlotte looks up to her big brother. He includes her whenever his friends are over and vice versa. Their bond gets even stronger when they have this uninterrupted, school-free time.

Charlotte had the choice of going on the zipslide with Zachary's best friend or her big brother. She did both, of course. Who would pass up two shots on the zipslide? But it was her crying out "YES" when Zachary asked her if she wanted to go on it with him and the little spring in her step as she ran up to join him that made me smile.

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