Friday, 29 July 2016

To Buy a New Car or a New to You Car?

Up until 2013, we always bought our cars second hand. Sometimes they were older than second hand; try fifth or sixth hand. It could have been the biggest banger in town, as long as the car started and got us from A to B, we weren't bothered that we didn't have a brand new or nearly new car. We wanted to save money for our wedding, to do up our house and to prepare for when we had children. Finance on a car wasn't something that we wanted or needed.

After a series of problems with two Ford Mondeos we owned that didn't have warranties because of their age, we decided that we would look into buying a new car on finance. I worked in finance for many. many years and I would only recommend doing this if you know you can afford to keep up your monthly payments however, there are options if you've had poor credit history in the past and want to look into buying a new car.

We decided to go with BMW. We wanted to go German because their cars tend to be built to last. Of course, any brand of car can have problems but I grew up with my parents owning German cars and they never seemed to have any problems, and they continue to buy them now.

We went for a 3 series as it seemed practical in terms of space inside and, on recommendation of the salesman, went for a petrol because I was going to be using to go to and from work; a total of 4 miles per day. After a year, we changed it because the petrol was a nightmare and we were offered a good deal on a 320d M Sport; Husband's dream car. Whilst our first 3 series had been on the showroom floor when we bought it, we ordered our second one, choosing everything we wanted for it to make it unique to us. From ordering to delivery took around 6 weeks.

I love our car to drive. It really is the ultimate driving machine. It is super smooth and comfortable but has the sport look to it that makes it really fun. In terms of space, it isn't the best car out there for a family however it fits us and what we need it for. I certainly wouldn't have it if I needed to get a pram in the boot. It is great on fuel; I fill it every 6-8 weeks and I get around 600 miles to a tank.

The benefits of owning a brand new or nearly new car means we have a manufactures warranty so, if anything does go wrong, we can take it to the garage for them to fix it. We know exactly where the car has come from and know there are no underlying problems that could bite us in the bottom a few months down the line. It doesn't need an MOT for the first 3 years and generally they tend to be better on fuel consumption with lower emissions meaning you pay less road tax; in some cases you pay nothing.

It is an extra expense every month that we didn't have before however as a working family, it is something that we can afford to do now and enjoy the luxury of owning a new car without having to worry about getting it fixed at a huge cost to us if anything goes wrong.

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