Friday, 15 July 2016

What I've Learned from 10 Years of Marriage

Today, Husband and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We are going out for a meal tomorrow night to mark the occasion as the kids are off to their Gran's house for a sleepover.

When I think about my parents and Husband's parents, and probably from seeing things in the press, I feel like 10 years is quite a long time to be married, and something that doesn't happen very often. You often hear people saying, jokingly, "I'd have got less for murder", and whilst I don't condone that sort of thing, marriage isn't all the sunshine, rainbows and nice things you see in a love story. It can be hard, very hard, and it takes the commitment of two people, willing to work together, to love each other even when they aren't being very easy to love, being respectful of one another and trusting one another for a marriage to even stand of chance of lasting. Without those things...well it can easily end up in the end.

The last 10 years have certainly held many, many highs for Husband and I but they have also held low times. Bringing two children into the world; amazing feeling and two moments that had us higher than cloud 9. Losing a child; a horrible, horrible feeling that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Both moments that can seriously test your relationship.

We've had times to celebrate; new jobs and new careers. There have been times to commiserate and pull together; not getting that job or a redundancy. There have been times we've supported one another and times where one has supported the other in difficult times. There have been laughs, lots of laughs and harsh words, many a harsh words.

But we work at our marriage and, for the most, it isn't hard at all. It helps that we are the best of friends as well as fancying each other rotten...still.

What else have I learned from 10 years of marriage?

Having a Husband is like having a fully grown child...except the kids know how to load the dishwasher and bring their dirty washing downstairs.

That euphoria you feel when you finally empty your washing basket is short-lived...because that's when he decides to bring his dirty washing downstairs.

No matter how many times you ask (they refer to it as "nagging"), he'll still leave the toilet seat up.

Convincing him that "because the Carvela shoes were half price, you just had to get 2 pairs" will never make the same math sense to him as it does to you.

He thinks it's OK to talk about poo that comes from him because you've been together for so long. But it really isn't.

If you can both drive, driving together is a NO GO. Unless you want to have an argument.

He gets a very sore head when he drinks beer but he giggles like a school girl when he is on the champers.

He is a pretty good guy.

He works really, really hard.

He does the ironing, empties the dishwasher, hangs the washing out and cleans the house when asked...eventually.

He loves the kids to the moon and back.

He loves me to the moon and back.

Happy anniversary baby! Love you lots and lots xxxo

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