Tuesday, 5 July 2016

You Know it's the Summer Holidays When...

You don't have to set your alarm for 6am. Some are lucky enough to be able to just turn the alarm off for the full summer whilst others can set it for a bit later.

Generally breakfast isn't served until almost 9am.

Lazing about in your PJs is much more acceptable during the summer holidays, especially when it's raining outside.

You have a rather productive morning of clearing up, putting the washing machine on, cleaning things that don't normally get cleaned, like the fridge or the "big" cupboard and enjoying a hot cup of tea.

The kids say they are bored a gazillion times.

You tell the kids they have a million toys and colouring books, surely they can find something to do.

The kids ask when they will be eating their next meal a gazillion times.

You tell the kids it's only 9.30 and you've just had your breakfast.

The kids ask to play on their electronics a gazillion times.

You ask the kids to go and play outside...a gazillion times.

You come to know the names of all the children on your estate and surrounding areas.

The door opens then closes. Opens again and closes again. Opens once more and closes once more.

You catch up on the TV you have missed since the last holiday. Here goes a Hollyoaks and Masterchef marathon.

The kids come in to tell you a story of "he said, she said" at least 5 gazillion times.

The kids ask for snacks...for the full estate.

It starts to rain. Thankfully only your own children return to the house. The electronics get switched on.

After making a yummy dinner, the kids declare they are no longer hungry after eating snacks all day...where do these snacks come from? Ahhh the other children.

The kids stay up a bit later, which is great for the late rise the next day but a bit of a pain for your "alone time" in the evening.

The kids finally go to sleep.

You cross off a day on your calendar of the countdown for back to school.

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