Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Trying to Eat Healthly

Husband and I are now eating fish at least twice a week as part of our diet. I still can't convince the kids to eat fish which is crazy because, as babies and toddlers, they loved salmon and tuna. Charlotte will eat the haddock or cod in batter at school for her lunch but she won't touch fish if I make it.

I steam my salmon fillets to keep them fresh and juicy. The fish is so tender, it just flakes as soon as you cut into it.

I'm still starving after eating it mind you!

366 Project 2016 - Day 246

A Checklist for Buying a New Dog

I have loved being around animals ever since I can remember; I’ve always felt completely at ease around them, especially the faithful canine. I cannot recommend enough getting a furry friend to call a new member of your family, but I have seen too often people buy a puppy for Christmas and not understand the full responsibility attached. If you’re thinking about getting your own wonderful little puppy, then read this checklist first to make sure you’ve got everything covered…

How much room do you have?

This is an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people think it’s perfectly fine to keep a bulky Siberian Husky in a tiny one-bedroom flat. Remember, this issue of space isn’t just about making sure that the dog has everything they need; of course they need to stretch their legs that were born to run, but it’s also about mental stimulation.  

If you came home to a chewed up sofa and torn curtains, your first instinct might be to yell at the dog for behaving badly, but this kind of behaviour is the animal acting out because of pent up boredom, anger and frustration. Don’t be cruel to yourself or your dog; make sure you buy a breed that will fit into your environment. 

How much money do you have put aside?

Before you commit to buying a dog, be honest about the kind of budget you’re able to allocate to it. Although owning a dog might be your dream, if it will reduce you to beans on toast every night or not being able to pay the gas bill, then it really isn’t worth it. 

When it comes to bills, you need to be realistic and write down everything the dog will need immediately, as well as over time. For example, to start with they will need bowls, food, lead and collar, toys, a bed, and probably neutering and their first set of vaccinations. Then there are the ongoing costs such as pet insurance to keep in mind, and what about high maintenance breeds? I saw the most beautiful Samoyed puppies for sale in Glasgow, but I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford the regular grooming bill! 

How much time can you give them?

This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make; your puppy could live for up to 20 years, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. The most important question on your checklist should be, how much of my time can I realistically devote to my puppy?  

You don’t have to work from home to have a dog, but you need to make sure you have evenings free at the very least to spend time with them and take them for walks. You’re their whole world, so if you’re a night owl who likes to work hard and head out every evening, a dog isn’t really for you. 

What did you think of my checklist? Are you still set on getting a puppy?

Me & Mine 2016 - August

Nothing like a last minute photo rush! The kids were in the their PJs, just about to go to bed to read their books on Sunday night when I remembered we hadn't taken our family photo for August and it was really the only chance we would have to take it before the end of the month.

August has been one of the quickest months of the year for us. It started off with day trips with family for the kids and preparing for back to school. Mid August, it was time to go back to school and for me to go back to work, and it has been pretty much work and school for the rest of the month. I have a feeling that September will be much the same as I count down the days until my 31st birthday.

Working full time has got me pretty exhausted at the end of each day but I am loving it. Of course I miss doing the school run with the kids and it makes the time at the weekend even more important. I had my hair cut this month; a good 4 inches taken off it. I'm still getting used to it and I think I'll grow it back again as I like having long hair.

Husband has been, as always, working hard. He has also been very motivated and has been going to the gym on a regular basis.

Zachary has been enjoying reading The Minecraft Chronicles series. He found the books in Tesco, read the first book in two days and bought himself book two and three a few weekends ago. School wise, he's settling into Primary 6 and seems to like his new teacher.

Charlotte lost her front top tooth this month. It had been hanging there for awhile and eventually fell out on Saturday. I always think they look so strange with gaps in their mouth where teeth have come out and the new ones aren't through yet. Charlotte also had her haircut. She wanted a bob but we settled on just below the shoulders.

This photo was taken when we went to Thaikhun for dinner. It's a bit grainy because of the lighting but it's such a great photo of us all, enjoying a family meal together. And, as you can see from the two photos, Charlotte and I weren't the only ones to have our hair done this month.

The Me and Mine Project

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dark Skies Looming

It's just typical that I spend my day at work, in glorious sunshine, to come home for the sky to go grey.

The evenings are also getting darker earlier I've noticed. Signs that Autumn is on the way!

366 Project 2016 - Day 245

Monday, 29 August 2016


I seem to blink and the weekend is over. Monday again and it comes around so fast! 

At least the sun was shining as the kids headed to school and I went to work. It was such a fast day too. Hopefully the week will fly by and it will be Friday night before we know it. 

Have a good week!

Project 366 2016 - Day 244

Sunday, 28 August 2016

I Do Love My Horse - Day 243

We went for our horse riding lesson today and Charlotte decided she wanted to ride Jocky. She hasn't been on him in awhile, and she did a brilliant job on him. We went out for a hack, a canter in the field and then back to the school for some more canters.

Once we had finished and she knew Jocky wasn't going to be used any more that day, she took off his tack and gave him a brush. She really does love her horses.

366 Project 2016 - Day 243

366 Project 2016 Days 236 - 242

On Sunday, after a late start, we decided to take a trip to the city centre for a nosey. We ended up getting quite a few things including a special treat for myself. The kids love visiting the city centre and it was a beautiful, sunny day there. We arrived home after 7pm, ate a quick dinner and headed to bed for an early night.

I was up through the night with what I suspect or what I know is a urinary tract infection. I've had them before and they are not pleasant. Husband ended up going for cranberry juice at 4am so I could try and flush it out of my system. I still had to get up at 6am and get ready for work though. Thankfully it eased off during the day and I was feeling better by dinner time. The kids managed to enjoy some sunshine after what started as a miserable day!

Tuesday was another miserable day although the rain held off for a little while. We didn't get home until after 5pm so it was a good job I had already made our chicken curry for dinner the night before. My stomach started getting really sore again so an early night was needed.

It was a foggy start on Wednesday morning and I knew this meant it would be a lovely sunny day later on. The kids weren't feeling this and asked if they could wear hats and scarves to school! It did brighten up, as I knew it would, so I was glad I convinced them not to wear them. We had a very healthy dinner of roast potatoes, veg and salmon and the kids burnt off some energy by taking our neighbour's dog for a walk.

Thursday was another quick day at work. I made myself a very healthy pasta salad whilst Husband and the kids had macaroni with sausage through it. The kids played outside for a little while after dinner and Charlotte had fun trying on my new shoes. She's her mother's daughter!

On Friday, Husband picked the kids up from school so they were already home when I finished work. We got the house tidy, put all the school washing on and out to dry and, after dinner, Husband took the kids to the fun swim. Charlotte's front tooth was ready to fall out but she didn't want to pull it out herself!

Husband had to work on Saturday so it was just the kids and I. We were up early to go to the supermarket for the food shop and then dropped Zachary off at Karate. After putting the shopping away, picking Zachary up and having lunch, I set about tackling the massive load of ironing I had to do. Charlotte wanted to do some crafts whilst Zachary read his book. It took me all afternoon and I felt it earned me a nice bath after dinner...which the kids gatecrashed part way through. Charlotte's tooth finally fell out! I don't think she'll have a gap for long though as the adult tooth is already coming in!

He Was a Beautiful Butterfly


Friday, 26 August 2016

Finding the Balance

It's scary to say this but for most of my working life, I have worked part time. I started working full time at the age of 17 but by the age of 21, I was on my first stint of maternity leave. I returned to work after having Zachary on a part time basis, doing only 15 hours a week. 

Once I had Charlotte, I increased my hours to 16 per week, working a 4 day week with every Friday off and working every second Saturday. I was lucky we were in the position to afford for me to work part time but it was also a necessity with having no family to care for the children in order for me to even do 20 or 25 hours per week, never mind full time. 

During my two years at college, I was still only doing 20 odd hours a week, including my study time. I had a day off every week which meant I could pick the kids up from school. I took them to school every day. If I needed to take time off college, it didn't affect me financially because I didn't get a bursary. 

But now I'm back to working full time, 36 hours per week. Thankfully I don't work weekends because of where I work, and I get to spend those two days with the kids and Husband (unless he is working). I don't get to do the school run or the school pick up; I'm lucky and so grateful to the wonderful person who helps me out with this, allowing me to be at work on time and to stay on until work stops. My Father in Law helps out, now he has retired, whenever he can too. 

I started blogging when Charlotte was born in 2009. I've loved keeping my blog and having all of these memories recorded to look back on. Fun times together, photos of our adventures and free time to do whatever we pleased. Whilst we still have this time, it is even more precious because it is limited to two full days per week. 

I'm not giving up blogging, but I do think I have to limit the time I spend on my blog. Most evenings I sit down at my computer and think of a blog post to write. Before, the content came so easily because we were always doing something. But, you may have noticed recently, the posts on my blog have been fewer and my weekly updates are quite repetitive. I don't enjoy writing the same old, same old but because we have this routine of school and work for 5 days, there really isn't anything more I can write. I also need to concentrate on work stuff as I have a required number of hours per year of post qualification training to do which includes research and further reading. 

So I've decided that, after this week's update, I will no longer post a weekly update on my blog. I want to finish my 366 Project for this year so I'll post a photo a day on here with a short description and from the new year, I'll post it on my Facebook Page and Instagram account. 

I'll still be sharing our days out and adventures, special achievements, funny stories, recipes and so on but these will be posted as and when they happen. I'll also be concentrating on getting a weekly video up on my YouTube channel. I love my blog and how much it has grown over the years, and I want to continue to build it for the kids to read back on in the future. But I also want it to be interesting to our readers, old and new. 

Tips for Saving for that Special Purchase

Saving for a special purchase can be pretty hard when you have regular monthly outgoings and not a lot of money left over after everything has been paid out. However it is possible to save up for a treat without feeling like you are scrimping on other things.

Of course, a loan is an easy way to get the money you need to buy whatever it is you want or need. It's also a lot easier to get a loan even if you've been refused before; you can even ask someone to be a guarantor and check out guarantor loan specialists such as Glo. I'm not one for borrowing money though; I prefer to save up for the things I want as then you don't have to worry about being tied to a monthly payment for up to 5 years.

Here are some of my tips I use to help me save up money:

Make some cuts/changes

When starting a savings plan, it's best to look at your current outgoings and see if you can make any cuts or savings. For example, I looked at our Sky bill recently and we decided to see if we could reduce our package because we hardly ever watch TV. We called and ended up saving around £50 per month by changing different things and going on to new deals.

Set up a spreadsheet

Once you've looked at your outgoings and made any cuts or savings, set up a spreadsheet with a list of all your outgoings, how much they are and dates they go out. If you do this on Excel, you can input your total income per week or month, depending how frequently you are paid, and have it automatically deduct your outgoings, giving you a total remaining expenditure, This is such an easy way to keep track of everything and you can adjust things without having to redo the calculations so if you save money on a bill or you have a bit of extra income from overtime, you can type it in and you're good to go.

Set realistic goals

After you've worked out how much money you have left over after paying out everything you need to, set yourself a realistic and manageable goal for putting money away. I was always taught to put away at least 20% of my monthly salary into savings. If you total everything up and have around £500 left over then aim to put £100 of that into a savings account. Set up a standing order with your bank so that the money is automatically deducted from your salary when it is paid in. The important thing to remember though is to be realistic because if you put more than you can afford away, you run the risk of dipping into those savings and never being able to reach your savings goal.

Open a savings account

If you want something that you can pay into on a regular basis, you might find that you won't get much of a interest rate. Look at a cash ISA that allows you to save a specific amount in the tax year and you won't pay any tax on that money. You could also look at "online only" accounts that don't allow you to have a bank card for your account.

Round it down

Another thing I do to save a little bit extra is to round my current account balance down to the nearest pound and put the change into my savings account. It's amazing how quickly that couple of pound adds up in a month.

What tips do you have for savings for a special purchase?

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Keeping Your Home Safe Whilst You're Away

It's an exciting feeling when you have a weekend break or a holiday to look forward to. You pack your cases, make sure you have your passports, currency, itinerary, travel insurance and you might share your plans with friends and family on social media. But what about your home?

Imagine being away somewhere, enjoying the food, drink, culture and scenery to return home and find that the worst has happened to your house. It would definitely put a dampener on your relaxed and refreshed self! To give you a bit more piece of mind, Chill Insurance have shared their tips for keeping you home safe whilst you are away:

These are very similar to my own tips that we follow whenever we go away:

Invest in an alarm system

This might seem like a pricey option however in the grand scheme of things, it is an investment for the long haul and it often reduces your insurance premiums if you have a security alarm fitted in your home.

Check for a neighbourhood watch scheme 

If you don't have a neighbourhood watch scheme, perhaps you have a neighbour you can leave a key with so they can check on your home, pick up your post and open/close your curtains for you.

Ask someone to house-sit

If you have a friend who could come and stay at your house, great! We often get someone to stay at our house because it means we don't have to put the cats into a cattery and we know there is always someone to keep an eye on things.

Set timers or turn off electrics

I turn everything off before we go away. I'm a bit paranoid like that. It also saves a bit of money!

Check your home insurance is up to date and valid

If your home insurance is up for renewal, you can check on sites such as to find yourself the best deal. Make sure you have the best cover you can afford and always keep receipts for items in your home. You could even make a photograph album on your laptop, PC or phone so that you have evidence of what you owned if anything is stolen from your property,

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Getting the Chop

After months and months of growing my hair, I decided to get about 4 inches cut off it at the weekend.

Using the good old butterfly Snapchat filter, this is how long my hair was before I got it cut.

And this is it now! I'm still getting used to it and I miss being able to do a long "Elsa" style braid but it looks much healthier and it doesn't take nearly as long to dry.

Charlotte also got her hair cut. Hers was even longer than mine and she had a good 5 inches taken off hers.

I feel like she looks so grown up now!

I'm tempted to get a bit more taken off at Christmas time but not sure I'm brave enough to have a bob done! We shall see.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pre-owned Luxury and Designer Products

Have you ever stepped into a designer store and lusted after a beautiful leather handbag or a stunning pair of shoes? I know I have; I'm a massive fan of Christian Louboutin and it has been my dream to own a pair of his shoes for a few years now. However, the unfortunate part of high end designer items is: the price tag. 

Take the Chanel Boy bag. It is a gorgeous bag and one that I would love to own but it costs over £4000 and, unless I win the lottery any time soon, I'm not going to spend that amount of money on a handbag. 

However, if you are looking for that dream handbag or beautiful piece of jewellery at a reduced cost, you may consider buying second hand. Whether it's that Chanel bag or a second hand Rolex, buying from a reputable seller may be a great way to make your dream designer purchase at a fraction of the designer cost. If you aren't sure where to start, Xupes have a great selection of handbags, jewellery and watches with a pre-owned rating to help you determine the best piece to purchase. They only sell genuine items which either have a stamp or certificate of authenticity so you also have piece of mind that you aren't being ripped off or conned. 

If I were to consider buying a designer product second hand, I'd definitely look at a Chanel bag. For those who can afford to buy new, Chanel are a good designer to invest in as their prices increase every year so you're pretty much guaranteed to make money from your purchase. Because of this, people who do invest to sell on will take good care of their products meaning that you are highly likely to get a handbag in an almost new condition! Certain styles are also very classic so they don't go out of fashion. 

One thing I wouldn't buy pre-owned is shoes. It freaks me out the idea of wearing shoes that someone else has had their feet in. And for that very reason, I didn't buy my first high end designer purchase second hand! But if you head over to my Instagram account, you can have a nosey at what I bought. I'm LauraYMFT on there. 

Have you got a favourite designer item that is on your wish list? 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Thaikhun Restaurant - Review

I love Thai food but with a lack of places in our area to try authentic Thai cuisine, it's something the kids haven't ever had. On Saturday, that all changed when we went along to Thaikhun to try their new menu.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, it feels like you've been transported to a little side street in Thailand. None of the chairs match and there are different lights and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Even the bathrooms, with their exposed pipe work and funky artwork are really fun to visit.

We had booked our table for 5.30pm and it was pretty busy when we arrived. We were seated fairly quickly and given the menu. The kids' menu is incorporated into the main menu which was handy as we could look at the same thing the kids were looking at.

There was quite a lot of choice on the main menu but we felt the kids' menu was a little restricted. For example, there wasn't a choice of fish or beef just chicken or pork. But for £5.95, the kids could have 3 courses and a choice of juice or milk to drink.

To start we went for the Bangkok Street Platter which consisted of chicken satay with a dipping sauce, pork and prawn dumplings, Thai prawn toast and red curried corn cakes. There was also a sweet chilli dip and a salad dressing with cucumber, peppers, red onion and chilli. It was served in a small crate, just as you would imagine street food being served. The platter serves a minimum of 2 people so there was plenty to go around; even enough for the kids to have a bit of everything along with their vegetable stick starter. We were also given a portion of Thai prawn crackers which were tasty but I do prefer Chinese prawn crackers.

For our main course, Husband went for spicy seafood noodles which had mussels, squid and prawn through rice noodles. It was pretty spicy but very delicious. I had a beef Thai green curry that came with Jasmine rice. Again it was really yummy and not overly spicy. Zachary decided to have the chicken with noodles and satay sauce whilst Charlotte had jasmine rice with chicken and a sweet chilli dip. Their food was served in a plastic tray which kind of reminded me of the school dinners we used to get when we were younger. The food was lovely and the portion sizes were quite generous.

For pudding, the kids had a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice lollies. They both chose chocolate but sadly they were all out so they brought them a scoop of chilli chocolate ice cream. They seemed to enjoy it as they gobbled it all up. I had a scoop of strawberry ripple ice cream and Husband had Thai bounty which is a chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream. The ice cream was really tasty!

I'm not sure how much the bill came to, because we were there to review the food and dining experience, however I imagine it was around the £70 mark including the drinks we had. The service was really good and we didn't feel rushed at all to eat our meal despite it being quite busy.

We really enjoyed experiencing Thailand at Thaikhun. The food was delicious so I would definitely recommend visiting.

We were invited to Thaikhun on a review basis. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dipping Toes in the Ocean

Well there isn't anything quite so ordinary about dipping your toes in the ocean, especially when you live in Scotland and the water is comparable to, at best, Arctic conditions. But when the sun is shining on a summer's morning, we are so grateful of living by the sea.

Sadly, on this beautiful day, I had to go to work. In-service days mean the kids still get to enjoy the holidays but I have a day of meetings, courses or training to attend.

My Father-in-Law, who recently retired to enjoy the quiet life, agreed to have the kids for the day which we were super grateful for. Childcare isn't cheap, especially when all the summer clubs have finished up. And my two are pretty well behaved children. They have their moments but we can trust them to behave impeccably when they are with other family members or visiting friends.

He was at the house, bright and early, and told the kids he was going to take them to the beach. I had to be at work for 8.45am and they were at the beach for just after 9. The place was deserted but it was roasting already. I have to say that, despite being provided with Pizza Hut for lunch, I was wishing I was at the beach with them.

The kids played at the beach and at the play park, they collected shells, ate ice cream and ventured into the water. I think you can tell from Zachary's face just how cold the water is!

I got home just after 3pm and the kids followed shortly after. Not only did they look shattered, their Papa was looking pretty knackered too. They showed me all of the shells they had collected and told me all about their day. The best bit, of course, was the ice cream cones.

This summer has been pretty miserable on the whole so I'm glad they managed to get down to the beach during their summer holiday.

366 Project 2016 Days 228 - 235

On Sunday, Charlotte and I started our new lesson at horse riding. It's a more advanced class meaning it has a quicker pace. Charlotte and I were knackered after it and the sweat was pouring off me. Who needs a workout if you go horse riding like that? We stayed after our lesson to watch an even more advanced class and Charlotte helped clean out Bobbie's stable. I made my first ever poached eggs! Usually I make scrambled or boiled but I thought I'd give poached a try and they were lovely.

It was my last day on holiday so we spent the morning at the park and the afternoon at home reading and drawing. We all had an early night as I had to get up early for going back to work.

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday and the kids were lucky enough to spend it at the beach with their Papa. I had to go to work for the in-service day. Smoothie and toast to prepare myself for the long day ahead. It went well and the kids were shattered when their Papa brought them home. Another early night was in order for getting ready to go back to school!

On Wednesday, the kids headed back to school. They were excited to see all of their friends and meet their new teachers again. I headed to work and picked them up when I had finished. They were shattered and ready for another early night.

It was harder to get up on Thursday morning but we managed! Another day of work and school for us but thankfully the sun was still shining when we got home so we were able to enjoy it before bed time. I put my feet up with a cup of tea to relax.

Well the sunshine had disappeared on Friday and it rained all day. After dinner, Husband took Zachary and his friends to the fun swim at our local pool whilst he went to the gym. Charlotte and I cuddled up on the couch to watch The Fox and the Hound. As a sweet treat, I had to pinch one of Husband's yoghurts!

Saturday was yet another miserable day. Husband had to go to work so I was on Karate duty. As Zachary is a brown belt, he decided today that he wanted to go to the more advanced class; brown belts are the lowest grade in that class. He really enjoyed it! Charlotte and I got our haircut - quite a bit off for both of us but we were needing it. We headed out for dinner at Thaikhun as part of a review which I will share soon. This photo was pre-haircut!



Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Animal Jam Toy Range - Review

There is a brand new range of toys from the popular app Animal Jam. Ranked as the number 1 online social game for children, Animal Jam is perfect for children who love animals, the outdoors and collecting things. The game is free to play and the new toys come with exclusive codes to unlock exciting content within the game.

Charlotte has the game on her tablet and she loves playing it, so she was really excited to receive some of the toys in the post to review. You can watch her opening her parcel in the video below.

The new toy range from Jazwares is full of colourful animals, pets and destinations from the game. They are available to buy from July.

In our box we received:

Adopt a Pet Series 1

These are like blind bags but instead of an animal inside a plastic bag, you get different coloured houses that are home to cute little Animal Jam pets. There are 96 to collect including some very rare ones! These have an RRP of £2.49 so they are the perfect little pocket money treat for any child who loves a blind bag toy. Within each den house there is a pet and two accessories. You can swap your accessories with other pets too. Charlotte got a cute little cheetah and already has another two in her collection. The pieces are really small though so definitely not suitable for young children who like to put things in their mouths; we had to hide these from my 21 month old niece when she came to visit.

Friends with Pet 

This is a really cute set with an RRP of £4.99 - the perfect gift for a birthday party. In the pack you get a 3 inch animal figure and a 1 inch pet figure, and three interchangeable accessories. Charlotte got a very cute penguin and bunny friend.

Light up Friends with Ring

This is another really cute set with an RRP of £7.99. This is slightly more expensive because you get a light up ring which you can use on your 3 inch pet to find their secret patterns on their bodies! You also get two interchangeable accessories. Charlotte was really excited to get a very sweet panda.

7 inch Plush Bunny

Charlotte's favourite toys are plush or soft toys. She has so many of them and yet she remembers them all and plays with all of them at various points in the week. So she was super excited to receive the Plush Bunny. You can also get a panda, koala and monkey. The bunny is super soft and so cute. These have an RRP of £7.99

One of the toys we didn't receive but is in the range and therefore worth mentioning is the den assortments sets. You can chose between a Princess Castle or a Small House and they come with an animal, den items and accessories that are perfect for customisation and play with all of your animals and pets. These are slightly more expensive at an RRP of £14.99.

Charlotte has played with her new toys so much since she got them. They are really well made and are very, very cute. If you have a little Animal Jam fan then this range is great for imaginative play away from their tablet time.

We received these items for review but the opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sibling Moments #32

I can't believe it's almost time for these two to go back to school. The summer holidays have flown by!

This photo was taken on the morning of their trip to a farm park with their Papa. They had such a fun day together. Poor Papa was knackered when he dropped them back home and so were they. Lots of fresh air and climbing will do that to you. 

Summer holidays, or any holidays in fact, can be a testing time for the sibling relationship. Even though they see each other every day, when they are at school, they get a break from one another and have their own friendship groups. They don't have that break during the holidays and it means that sometimes things get heated. They argue, they shout at one another and inevitably it ends in tears from one or the other. And hiding in a cupboard for me!

The holidays also give them the opportunity to strengthen their sibling bond. Zachary showed Charlotte how to jump off the swing this summer. Charlotte showed Zachary how to feed the horses mints. Zachary taught Charlotte some Spanish and they practised their French for going back to school. They played board games together without Husband or I having to sit with them to make sure they played fair. On a whole, despite a few tempers, they've gotten on great and become even closer. 

The Me and Mine Project

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Laughing and Playing Games

As much as I love getting out and about at the weekend, I also love those days where we stay at home and chill out. That's what we did yesterday.

As I sat on the couch, writing my Christmas gift list (better to be prepared), a girl and her Daddy played a game of jitterbugs. This is a game we've had for years; it's from the ELC - that's how old it is.

They played it by the rules at first but decided to change it up a bit half way through. First they had to close their eyes. Then they had to use their "bad" hand. To finish off, they had to stand up and run to the kitchen and back every time they caught a bug.

Once they finished playing jitterbugs, Charlotte made her Daddy become a pony. She wanted to practise her dressage but her pony aka Daddy wasn't behaving like a good pretend pony should.

Charlotte was in fits of giggles which had her Daddy and I laughing too.

It's so nice that at the age of 7, she still wants to do things like this with her parents. Zachary enjoys board games and being a bit silly too but he also really enjoys having time to himself to read a book or practise his languages; he's learning Spanish, French and German just now.

This is our last weekend before we go back to school; me to work and the kids to learn. I think it will be a pretty lazy day again today.

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