Sunday, 14 August 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 221 - 227

Last Sunday, the kids were up before 8:30am. Husband had been out the night before and didn't get home until 2am so I got up and let him sleep on. It was 11:45am before he got up! I had done a full shift by then of cleaning, ironing and putting a washing on and out to dry! After lunch, Husband took the kids to the park so I could catch up on some blog stuff. I also made dinner; beef burgers in brioche rolls with wedges and salad. They were delicious!

Monday was a pretty lazy day for us. It's our last full week off before we go back to work and school so we're taking advantage of having nothing to do and nowhere to be. It was also quite windy although the sun was out so the kids still went into the garden to play. Charlotte had her dolls out with their horses, of course, and Zachary played football.

It was a lovely day on Tuesday so we decided to go for a bike ride to the library to return our books. We stopped at the park on the way home and the kids played for ages on the swings and climbing frame. Thank goodness we left when we did because the rain came home within 20 minutes of us getting home!

On Wednesday, my cousin arrived with her 4 kids to spend two days with us. I didn't tell the kids who was coming to visit so they got a huge surprise when their cousins arrived at the door. They all played great together whilst my cousin and I kept the babies amused. She has a 20 month old and a 5 month old. Charlotte loved holding the baby but she wasn't keen when I suggested that Husband and I could have a baby!

It was another miserable day on Thursday; it poured non-stop. We spent the day playing, drawing and chatting until it was time for my cousin and the kids to head home. Once they left, the house was so much quieter, which was quite sad in a way.

On Friday, another rainy day, Charlotte and Zachary both had friends over to play. They spent the afternoon playing Xbox and watching Cookie's World on the tablet. The boys headed to the fun swim after dinner with Husband whilst Charlotte and I enjoyed a movie together before bed.

Saturday was a bit brighter but there was a chill in the air which meant we spent the day at home. Charlotte had her Daddy playing games with her all afternoon whilst Zachary got lost in his new Minecraft Chronicles book. It was a nice way to spend the day, especially as this is our last weekend of the summer holidays.

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