Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dipping Toes in the Ocean

Well there isn't anything quite so ordinary about dipping your toes in the ocean, especially when you live in Scotland and the water is comparable to, at best, Arctic conditions. But when the sun is shining on a summer's morning, we are so grateful of living by the sea.

Sadly, on this beautiful day, I had to go to work. In-service days mean the kids still get to enjoy the holidays but I have a day of meetings, courses or training to attend.

My Father-in-Law, who recently retired to enjoy the quiet life, agreed to have the kids for the day which we were super grateful for. Childcare isn't cheap, especially when all the summer clubs have finished up. And my two are pretty well behaved children. They have their moments but we can trust them to behave impeccably when they are with other family members or visiting friends.

He was at the house, bright and early, and told the kids he was going to take them to the beach. I had to be at work for 8.45am and they were at the beach for just after 9. The place was deserted but it was roasting already. I have to say that, despite being provided with Pizza Hut for lunch, I was wishing I was at the beach with them.

The kids played at the beach and at the play park, they collected shells, ate ice cream and ventured into the water. I think you can tell from Zachary's face just how cold the water is!

I got home just after 3pm and the kids followed shortly after. Not only did they look shattered, their Papa was looking pretty knackered too. They showed me all of the shells they had collected and told me all about their day. The best bit, of course, was the ice cream cones.

This summer has been pretty miserable on the whole so I'm glad they managed to get down to the beach during their summer holiday.

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