Thursday, 25 August 2016

Keeping Your Home Safe Whilst You're Away

It's an exciting feeling when you have a weekend break or a holiday to look forward to. You pack your cases, make sure you have your passports, currency, itinerary, travel insurance and you might share your plans with friends and family on social media. But what about your home?

Imagine being away somewhere, enjoying the food, drink, culture and scenery to return home and find that the worst has happened to your house. It would definitely put a dampener on your relaxed and refreshed self! To give you a bit more piece of mind, Chill Insurance have shared their tips for keeping you home safe whilst you are away:

These are very similar to my own tips that we follow whenever we go away:

Invest in an alarm system

This might seem like a pricey option however in the grand scheme of things, it is an investment for the long haul and it often reduces your insurance premiums if you have a security alarm fitted in your home.

Check for a neighbourhood watch scheme 

If you don't have a neighbourhood watch scheme, perhaps you have a neighbour you can leave a key with so they can check on your home, pick up your post and open/close your curtains for you.

Ask someone to house-sit

If you have a friend who could come and stay at your house, great! We often get someone to stay at our house because it means we don't have to put the cats into a cattery and we know there is always someone to keep an eye on things.

Set timers or turn off electrics

I turn everything off before we go away. I'm a bit paranoid like that. It also saves a bit of money!

Check your home insurance is up to date and valid

If your home insurance is up for renewal, you can check on sites such as to find yourself the best deal. Make sure you have the best cover you can afford and always keep receipts for items in your home. You could even make a photograph album on your laptop, PC or phone so that you have evidence of what you owned if anything is stolen from your property,

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