Sunday, 14 August 2016

Laughing and Playing Games

As much as I love getting out and about at the weekend, I also love those days where we stay at home and chill out. That's what we did yesterday.

As I sat on the couch, writing my Christmas gift list (better to be prepared), a girl and her Daddy played a game of jitterbugs. This is a game we've had for years; it's from the ELC - that's how old it is.

They played it by the rules at first but decided to change it up a bit half way through. First they had to close their eyes. Then they had to use their "bad" hand. To finish off, they had to stand up and run to the kitchen and back every time they caught a bug.

Once they finished playing jitterbugs, Charlotte made her Daddy become a pony. She wanted to practise her dressage but her pony aka Daddy wasn't behaving like a good pretend pony should.

Charlotte was in fits of giggles which had her Daddy and I laughing too.

It's so nice that at the age of 7, she still wants to do things like this with her parents. Zachary enjoys board games and being a bit silly too but he also really enjoys having time to himself to read a book or practise his languages; he's learning Spanish, French and German just now.

This is our last weekend before we go back to school; me to work and the kids to learn. I think it will be a pretty lazy day again today.

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