Monday, 15 August 2016

Sibling Moments #32

I can't believe it's almost time for these two to go back to school. The summer holidays have flown by!

This photo was taken on the morning of their trip to a farm park with their Papa. They had such a fun day together. Poor Papa was knackered when he dropped them back home and so were they. Lots of fresh air and climbing will do that to you. 

Summer holidays, or any holidays in fact, can be a testing time for the sibling relationship. Even though they see each other every day, when they are at school, they get a break from one another and have their own friendship groups. They don't have that break during the holidays and it means that sometimes things get heated. They argue, they shout at one another and inevitably it ends in tears from one or the other. And hiding in a cupboard for me!

The holidays also give them the opportunity to strengthen their sibling bond. Zachary showed Charlotte how to jump off the swing this summer. Charlotte showed Zachary how to feed the horses mints. Zachary taught Charlotte some Spanish and they practised their French for going back to school. They played board games together without Husband or I having to sit with them to make sure they played fair. On a whole, despite a few tempers, they've gotten on great and become even closer. 

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