Friday, 12 August 2016

Startrite School Shoes - My First Impressions

We go back to school next week, the kids on Wednesday and I go back on Tuesday for the in-service day. Back to school shopping is one of my least favourite types of shopping and, if I can get away with doing it online, I do. All of the school clothes were bought at the beginning of the holidays to make sure I got the sizes and styles I wanted but I leave the school shoe shop until nearer the end of the holidays incase the kids' feet grow.

Last weekend was the planned day for school shoe shopping; we cleared our calendar especially! Being a Saturday, the school shoe shop was busy and they were low on sizes but we did manage to get what we wanted.

For Zachary, he chose the Startrite Cup Final Black Leather shoes. I've bought this style of shoe for Zachary since he started school and I wouldn't go to anything else. They are fantastic. Zachary loves them because they have a football theme and I love them because they wear extremely well and last ages. Just take a look at last years pair.

At £47.00, they aren't too expensive in terms of good quality school shoes. These are also suitable for all year round in terms of the weather so the cost per wear is minimum. The shoes comes with interchangeable straps which is a fun addition to the shoe. I love that, aside from obviously a size fit, they come in width fit meaning the shoes are perfectly fitted to your child's foot.

For Charlotte, she chose the Eleanor Black Patent shoes. Despite being patent, they are scuff resistant because of the band across the front of the shoe. In my experience, this seems to be the place that Charlotte ends up scuffing first because sometimes she forgets to pick up her feet. I feel like these are so grown up for Charlotte but we wanted to move away from the Lelli Kelly dolly style school shoes because we've had three bad experiences with them. They just don't last!

These shoes cost £45 so they are slightly cheaper than the Lelli Kelly school shoes. They don't have the fancy interchangeable straps or free pink make-up or hair toy you get with Lelli Kelly but what they do hopefully have is a shoe that will last her all school year; unless her feet grow of course. These also come with a width fitting.

This shoe style starts in a size 11 so we had to get Charlotte an insole for the shoes; ironically it was a Lelli Kelly insole the shop had spare! She's a 10.5 in one foot and a 10 in the other so the insole will help keep her foot in the shoe until her feet grow a bit.

I'm interested to see how these Startrite shoes fair for Charlotte.

I made a video of my first impressions which you can watch below.

Which brand of school shoes do you buy? Any recommendations? Any to avoid?

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