Monday, 22 August 2016

Thaikhun Restaurant - Review

I love Thai food but with a lack of places in our area to try authentic Thai cuisine, it's something the kids haven't ever had. On Saturday, that all changed when we went along to Thaikhun to try their new menu.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, it feels like you've been transported to a little side street in Thailand. None of the chairs match and there are different lights and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Even the bathrooms, with their exposed pipe work and funky artwork are really fun to visit.

We had booked our table for 5.30pm and it was pretty busy when we arrived. We were seated fairly quickly and given the menu. The kids' menu is incorporated into the main menu which was handy as we could look at the same thing the kids were looking at.

There was quite a lot of choice on the main menu but we felt the kids' menu was a little restricted. For example, there wasn't a choice of fish or beef just chicken or pork. But for £5.95, the kids could have 3 courses and a choice of juice or milk to drink.

To start we went for the Bangkok Street Platter which consisted of chicken satay with a dipping sauce, pork and prawn dumplings, Thai prawn toast and red curried corn cakes. There was also a sweet chilli dip and a salad dressing with cucumber, peppers, red onion and chilli. It was served in a small crate, just as you would imagine street food being served. The platter serves a minimum of 2 people so there was plenty to go around; even enough for the kids to have a bit of everything along with their vegetable stick starter. We were also given a portion of Thai prawn crackers which were tasty but I do prefer Chinese prawn crackers.

For our main course, Husband went for spicy seafood noodles which had mussels, squid and prawn through rice noodles. It was pretty spicy but very delicious. I had a beef Thai green curry that came with Jasmine rice. Again it was really yummy and not overly spicy. Zachary decided to have the chicken with noodles and satay sauce whilst Charlotte had jasmine rice with chicken and a sweet chilli dip. Their food was served in a plastic tray which kind of reminded me of the school dinners we used to get when we were younger. The food was lovely and the portion sizes were quite generous.

For pudding, the kids had a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice lollies. They both chose chocolate but sadly they were all out so they brought them a scoop of chilli chocolate ice cream. They seemed to enjoy it as they gobbled it all up. I had a scoop of strawberry ripple ice cream and Husband had Thai bounty which is a chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream. The ice cream was really tasty!

I'm not sure how much the bill came to, because we were there to review the food and dining experience, however I imagine it was around the £70 mark including the drinks we had. The service was really good and we didn't feel rushed at all to eat our meal despite it being quite busy.

We really enjoyed experiencing Thailand at Thaikhun. The food was delicious so I would definitely recommend visiting.

We were invited to Thaikhun on a review basis. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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