Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What Would I Change About me?

Aren't the Snapchat filters great? I love the funny ones with the voice changer, the cute animals ones with floating hearts and I love yous but my favourite ones are the ones that take away those wrinkles, lines and bags under your eyes. Beauty filters. If only I could apply one to my full self each day to wear in person!

I've noticed more since I turned 30, the lines appearing, the weight not shifting as easily as it did back when I was 29 years and 364 days old and my skin just not looking as good as it used to. I have a skin care routine that I do daily but not even the best creams in the world can take away the signs of ageing. Not that I'm ancient or anything. I still have a full head of hair but if that ever started to go I may have to look into the cost of a hair transplant. I'm thinking about chopping my locks to a just-above-the-shoulder bob but I'm not sure I'm brave enough. Maybe just a trim for now.

Of course, as well as having recently turned 30 (OK it was 10 months ago...), I am a mother and a wife, and I juggle all of my duties and responsibilities daily. When I look at myself, I don't see a young girl staring back at me anymore, but I know I don't look too bad.

There are things I would change about myself. I'd fix my nose after it was broken when I was little and never set to heal. I would have my lashes permanently tinted because they are pretty long, you just can't tell because they are so fair. I've even thought about getting lash extensions but I don't know if I could be bothered with the up-keep. I gave up getting my nails done because they were wasted from working in the nursery. I'd consider having treatment to remove scars and laser hair removal because shaving is such a pain in the bum! The little veins that keep appearing out of nowhere? Those are pretty annoying. I'd love to have my teeth straightened and whitened. Or maybe a full set of veneers?

One thing I'm really happy with are my lips. I've always had really full lips which meant I got teased a lot at school, mainly from boys, but these days, people pay good money to get lips as full as mine. And, although I'm pretty tired most of the time, I don't have black circles under my eyes. I don't get too many spots. I drink a lot of water, so that helps. I don't have bad cellulite, if any. Everything is still "where it is supposed to be!"

Part of having a birthday every year is growing older and inevitably that means things change. There isn't a Snapchat filter for the real world. There may always be something you want to change about yourself. Your skin, your hair, your weight, your chest size. And there may be things I want to change about myself in the future but for now, I'm confident in my 30 year old skin.

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