Monday, 5 September 2016

Garden DIY

Do you know what's great about having an engineer for a Husband? Aside from all the fantastic qualities he has, he is amazing at DIY which saves us a fortune on work in the house. It does mean it takes a bit longer than it would if we got a professional in but, after my bathroom fiasco, he does the job 1000% better than any professional would because he's a perfectionist.

Our garden is one of my favourite parts of our home because Husband, with some help from good friends and my Father-in-Law, made it the beautiful space it is now. He did the slab work, he built the walls and built his own decking.

We needed a new fence between us and our neighbours badly. Husband got all of the wood, screws and paint and put this up in 24 hours. I did help him paint it which is the extent of my DIY skills.

I think he did a tremendous job!

366 Project 2016 - Day 251

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