Monday, 12 September 2016

I Just Want to Sweat

Getting up at 6am is tough, but it's necessary if I want to squeeze in a workout. I don't go to the gym; I'm not a fan of the machines or the classes. I'd rather do my own thing. 

I used to use a lot of DVDs; Ministry of Sound, Shaun T and even soap star workouts. I tried them all. But I got fed up of the same old, same old, even when I was mixing them up every week. 

I recently came across a YouTube channel from Lucy Wyndham-Read, personal trainer to Anna SacconeJoly and many others I'm sure. She makes short workouts that are really simple to follow at home and I'm loving them. I made a playlist of my favourites but as she is continually adding content, I'm always getting a new workout to try. And I'm sore after every workout so I know the exercises are working. 

Here's my playlist if you want to have a nosy!

366 Project 2016 - Day 258

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