Friday, 30 September 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - September

How is it the end of September already? This month has flown by! I remember this time last year we were getting super excited about our imminent trip to Florida, and the month dragged by. But not this year. With no exciting holiday to look forward to, the month has flashed before us.

We headed down to one of our local beaches for our family photos. It was so windy and what a mistake it was to wear our hair down (Charlotte and I!) But it may have been our last visit to the beach for the year so we made the most of the visit.

I've been loving working but I do miss spending time with the kids. I know they would be at school all day anyway but it is the simple things like dropping them off at school or picking them up at the end of the day that I miss. But I love my job and I really, really enjoy it. To walk out of your workplace with a smile on your face is a good thing. And a rare thing. It just makes me cherish our time together more.

Husband has been working super hard, as always. Some weeks he works Monday to Sunday without a break but I know he enjoys his job. It's the necessary evil of life; work to pay the bills and do things you enjoy. He's been back at the gym more too, which he is loving.

Zachary has been loving going to the swimming on a Friday night with his best friends. It must seem like quite a grown up thing for him and he enjoys the freedom to go himself. Husband usually goes into the gym whilst they are in the pool so he can keep an eye on them but we know they are safe and having fun. He's practising hard for his next Karate grading which is a yellow tab on his brown belt. He's on track for black belt at 16 if not sooner.

Charlotte got her glasses this month. She really wanted to get some and then decided that she didn't when she realised she did in fact need glasses. She only needs them for reading or when she has to concentrate and she's doing well in wearing them so far. We've been reading Matilda together. I love the Roald Dahl books so I'm looking forward to reading them with her.

Next month, tomorrow in fact, is my birthday. We have the October half term coming up too although I'll be working so we won't be up to much. But I'm looking forward to a few nights out over the next few weeks and starting my Christmas shopping soon. I know, but it will be here before we know it!

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