Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Child Might Need Glasses

Many, many years ago or certainly when I was at school anyway, if you were a kid that wore glasses, you were subjected to cruel nicknames and a lot of teasing. I didn't need glasses nor did I tease anyone for it, but I had friends who wore glasses and they were often referred to as "specky four eyes!" It was horrible! 

Times have moved on, people have become more educated or less ignorant, and probably because of celebrities being more accessible to our younger generation, it seems to have become cool amongst kids to wear glasses. By that I mean, more people seem to wear glasses when they, in fact, don't have a prescription. Wearing glasses has become a fashion statement!

The kids went for an eye test today. It was Zachary's annual check up and Charlotte's first eye test, aside from the ones they have in nursery and Primary 1. Zachary has never needed glasses so far and, after his test today, he still doesn't need them.

Charlotte has wanted glasses for ages. She is forever putting her Dad's on, which he needs for reading, and they actually really suit her. And, after her test today, she might get her wish.

She has been complaining that she can't see the words in her books properly; they look fuzzy or they are "dancing around the page". She mixes some letters up such as B and D and sometimes reads words backwards such as was as saw. She also sometimes reads numbers backwards such as 16 being 61. I know that this can be common in children who are learning to read but I've asked the school for extra help with her reading to rule anything out there. But we also need to check if it is her sight that is a factor in all of this. 

Charlotte was apprehensive in her test and, because of her occasionally reading letters and numbers backwards, I think she got even more tense and just stopped when she realised she hadn't read something right. The optician thinks she might have a slight prescription for distance but she couldn't tell because Charlotte managed all of the other tests fine. With the 3D test, she picked up a really tricky 3D image. She's not colour blind and her eyes didn't react with the light - or the optician didn't pick anything up from the light test. 

So she's to go back tomorrow and have the dreaded drops. She's not happy about it and has totally changed her mind about wanting glasses. I'm not sure how I'm going to get her to sit to get these drops in as she hates eye drops from the conjunctivitis days. Bribery might be the only way; a promise of a new toy or Pokemon cards. 

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