Friday, 9 September 2016

Purchasing my Christian Louboutin Shoes

A few weeks ago, whilst visiting the city centre, we popped into a Christian Louboutin stockist and I finally bought my shoes. If you've read my blog for awhile, you'll know I have wanted a pair of Louboutins for a few years so I was really excited to get my first pair.

These were a pretty extravagant purchase but I've been saving up for them and I've done a lot of research and trying on to find myself the perfect pair. I bought the Pigalle 100 in black patent. They aren't too high, making them pretty easy to walk in. I took a size 5 which is my shoe size but Louboutins aren't always true to size, which is why it took me so long to find a pair to fit me comfortably.

They cost £425.00. Let's not talk about the price too much...

I've wanted to invest in pair of Louboutins for such a long time because they are beautiful, statement shoes. Just that flash of red on the sole as you walk tells you that someone is wearing Louboutins. Of course, there are plenty of fakes out there, but none of them will be anywhere near as well made as these feel and look.

I'm hoping to get myself a nude pair too as black and nude shoes are staple wardrobe items, and they go with  pretty much everything. I can't wait to wear them for my birthday and at Christmas for our Christmas dinner.

I would also like to get some funky looking ones as there are so many beautiful designs in his collection.

I'm really happy with my new shoes! If you head over to my YouTube channel, you can see them in my latest video.

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