Monday, 5 September 2016

School Run Style with Amazon Fashion

I don't hide the fact there were times I turned up to the nursery or school run still wearing my sweats because I couldn't be bothered didn't have time to get myself and two children dressed and out the door on time in the mornings. However, as the kids have gotten older and more independent, I am more able to get myself looking presentable.

As much as I would like to think it doesn't matter how you look at the school gates, and as long as your children are turned in clean and tidy, school run style is definitely a thing. Some parents are very glamorous whereas I like to keep it casual.

Amazon Fashion have a great collection of outfits and accessories from which you can create your perfect school run style. They sent me this beautiful Fiorelli bag and I thought I would put together my school run outfit around this bag.

This bag is pretty versatile in that it can be worn on the shoulder, across your body or you can just carry it in your hand or on your arm. This means you can wear a dressy outfit or a more chilled out outfit. Because I quite like the relaxed look for the school run, I chose the following items of clothing:


I love skinny, low rise jeans and these Selected Femme Annie MJ W skinny jeans are in one of my favourite denim washes and cut how I like to wear my jeans. Skinny jeans can be dressed up with a smart blouse and heels or dressed down with trainers, pumps or boots and a t-shirt or jumper. These are super versatile meaning you could wear them pretty much every day for the school run and just change your top and shoes.


As we are coming into Autumn, I love nothing more than a cosy jumper over a tank top and teamed with my skinny jeans. This cute jumper from Molly Bracken is definitely something I would wear on the school run. It's really simple, a beautiful colour and looks like it would be a great fit.

Ankle boots

Matching the colour of my boots to my bag is something I try to do with an outfit. I found these Clark's Pita Sedona boots which I think will match the bag pretty well. I prefer ankle boots over knee or even calf high boots because they are easier to drive in. Whenever I wear wellies or calf/knee high boots, the tops always get caught on my seat which is very annoying! Plus I think ankle boots suit my style better.


To complete the school run outfit, I would go for this Quilted Bomber jacket. I love the style of these jackets and I think they go with pretty much anything, again making it a very versatile piece. It's perfect for Autumn and getting back to school because it's not too heavy.

What do you think of my outfit choice? All of these items are sold directly from Amazon so whether you're turning up to school in your Sunday best or your sweat pants, Amazon Fashion have got a huge selection of clothing and accessories to choose from to get you school run ready with a few clicks!

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