Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sibling Moments #33

We spent a windy afternoon at the beach last weekend. The sun was shining so it seemed silly to waste the day at home.

Now that we're back at school, the kids have been spending less time together during the week. After school, they play in the garden together. At the weekend, they play their tablets or they'll sit together and play Xbox or watch a movie.

They can be tired after school and, combined with the heat we've been having recently, it can make them a bit grumpy. They've been falling out a lot more over the last few weeks. Charlotte likes to wind Zachary up and he likes to boss her around. Neither likes either. Just the other day, Charlotte hid her hula hoop from Zachary because she didn't want him to have a shot of it. And, of course, I get dragged into the argument.

Oh the joys!

But then they have very sweet moments, like the cuddles at the beach or Zachary giving Charlotte his extra Pokemon ball so she would have one to play with too. 

They can be so cute and then little devils as quick as you can flip a coin. Must be their Gemini personalities. 

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