Sunday, 18 September 2016

So That Was Summer 2016

I haven't joined in with The Ordinary Moments in a few weeks, mostly because nothing exciting has been happening here aside from work, work and more work. And that's the kind of boring ordinary moments that don't make for interesting writing or reading.

Last week I put together a video of our summer holiday adventures. I did the same in 2015 and 2014; it's something nice to look back on and remember the fun we had and the memories we made.

Our summer was definitely very ordinary. We didn't go abroad or even have a staycation. We spent our time in the house on wet days and in the garden on sunny days. We went to the park a lot.

There was an exciting trip to Manchester for my Sister's wedding part way through which was a wonderful day with all of our family. The kids really enjoyed attending their first wedding and behaved amazingly well, despite it being a long, hot day for them. They were loving the sweetie cart and dancing with their cousin.

This was the summer Charlotte learnt to go the swing by herself and Zachary was brave enough to jump off the swing whilst standing. Life goals for children! It was the summer they spent days with their Papa, visiting the farm park and the beach.

As much as it would have been nice to go away on holiday, as nothing can really beat the feeling of getting on plane and going somewhere together, it really was the most perfect summer holiday for us. It was very chilled and easy going which is just what I needed before the new term started and I went back to work full time.

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