Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Autumnal Picks from JD Williams

As much as I love summer days where the sun beats down and we can enjoy cold drinks and ice creams, wearing pretty dresses and flip flops, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons when it comes to fashion and putting together outfits, not only for the kids but for myself too.

JD Williams are an online retailer with a massive selection of clothing, footwear, accessories and lingerie. They asked me if I'd like to pick something from their Autumn range to review and I couldn't wait to see what they had on offer.

Autumn, I feel, is about having a few staple pieces in your wardrobe and styling them with different accessories. A good Autumn wardrobe should have a pair of jeans, a coat, a cosy jumper and a pair of boots. I decided to pick out new items for myself from their selection of knitwear and boots.

The first item I received is this black and white chunky knit jumper in a size Small. It is so cosy and thick that you could get away with just wearing it on top of a vest top on the warmer Autumn days. It's a jumper I can see myself in whilst cuddled up with the kids on Christmas Eve, watching The Polar Express. It looks like it might be a bit itchy but it really isn't. In terms of price, this jumper was in the sale but the original price was very reasonable.

The second item I received is a pair of Hunter wellies. I love my Hunter wellies; they are so comfy and durable. My last pair is still going strong however I use them for horse riding and I wanted to get a separate pair to wear right through until Spring. I decided to go for the short gloss wellies. I love the gloss look but the reason I chose short wellies is because I find them easier to drive in. My taller Hunter boots often get caught on the bottom of my seat which isn't great when you are changing gear, braking or accelerating! The wellies have adjustable straps so they fit around your calf comfortably.

Hunter wellies aren't on the cheap side; these cost £80 from JD Williams, however they are so well made, the price is justified by the quality. I've always bought the kids' Hunter wellie boots because they wear so well; Charlotte ends up with Zachary's old wellie boots which she can then use for horse riding too.

JD Williams offer a next day delivery service on many items on their site which is great if you are after something fabulous in a hurry. Next month they will have their Black Friday Sale so if you are on the lookout for Autumn/Winter clothing to update your wardrobe, make sure to check them out.

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